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Trading Target

Apr 21 at 16:35
235 posts
Roberto21 posted:
Actually how much we can earn our trading it depends on the markets movements. It’s not countable at all by our trading accounts. I was profitable when I started my live trading with 1K. but I did huge loss when I increased my balance in 2.5K but there was same strategies with same money management.

Yes. I agree with you.

Apr 22 at 07:47
886 posts
trading target is important but any kind of trading target can be useless if there is no good money management.

Apr 22 at 09:08
82 posts
Each goal must be backed up by preparation and action.

Apr 22 at 10:22
231 posts
It is more important to trade with plan and strategy and never lose your hope and try to make some profit with every trade.

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