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What are two types of analysis?

Aug 14 2020 at 12:34
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There are two types of forex analysis. One is Technical analysis and another is Fundamental analysis.

Aug 31 2020 at 12:08
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In forex, there are two types of analysis. One is Fundamental analysis and another is Technical Analysis. To make profit from this market, both are very important. But as a new trader, you can start with fundamental analysis.

Sep 07 2020 at 01:09
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There are many types of analysis in the Forex market. Such as Technical Analysis / Fundamental Analysis / Sentimental Analysis Of these 3 types of analysis, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis seem better to me. Fundamental is the analysis of the economic condition of a currency. Technical analysis is support and resistance, context, divergence, etc. If these two analyzes can be combined to trade, then the trading results will be much better. More information on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis can be found online.

Sep 07 2020 at 07:08
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I believe there are two types of analysis. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.
There is also third one which is rarely mentioned, it is Sentimental Analysis

Sep 08 2020 at 09:15
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There are two types of analysis 1. Technical Analysis and 2. Fundamental Analysis.
1. Technical analysis is more concerned with analyzing price movement by charts. This evaluation helps in the prediction of future price movement which helps to spot the opportunity to successfully enter and exit the market with profit.

2. Fundamental analysis is a way of looking at the forex market by analyzing economic, social, and political forces that may affect currency prices. ... Using supply and demand as an indicator of where price could be headed is easy.

Sep 08 2020 at 10:23
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LeadPellet posted:
Type 1 - Good analysis
Type 2 - Bad analysis

+Good analysis = assessing fundamental and technical signs from the market. Using good risk management technique
- Bad analysis = using no strategy and basing everything on gut instinct. Not using a stop loss.

I second this, I like this way of thinking.

ele020 (ele020)
Sep 11 2020 at 05:59
144 posts
Dictiony posted:
I would like to know What are the two types of analysis and which is the best analysis and how to trade with it?

There are 2 types of trading analysis.
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis

The fundamental analysis are focused on the fundamental factor that effects the price of the instruments. Every action that takes place in the economy in some or the other way effects the price movements. As per the DOW Theory, market discount everything on the charts, and studying these factors and analysing the trends is fundamental analysis.

On the other hand, Technical analysis are focused on the technical patterns, averages, correlation, matrix etc to determine the market trends.

As a beginner, one must focus on the fundamental analysis and develop a strong base.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Sep 11 2020 at 10:11
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OMG that's too hard to explain you what should you choose... there are 2 types of analysis:
1. Technical analysis.
2. Fundamental analysis.
The second one is more difficult to understand and most traders try don't use it. But without fundamental analysis you can't see the full market situation. but if you're not fulltime trader you can use technical analysis only. But as I told before it doesn't show the full picture !

candlesticks talks to me
Oct 19 2020 at 10:54
47 posts
Fundamental and technical. And both are absolutely necessary for sustainable profits.

Oct 21 2020 at 10:43
318 posts
Basically there are two types of analysis in the forex market. One is Fundamental Analysis, and another is Technical analysis.

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