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What works?

Oct 06 at 19:55
5 posts
The only thing that works on the forex markets is common sense which is free from emotions. I am not going to touch upon trading strategies and perceptions of the markets because different people have different opinions on forex. However, the only thing which unites all of the successful traders is common sense which is not influenced by psychological distress.

Oct 07 at 08:25
51 posts
While trading, the mindset of a trader is very important for making a profit or reducing the loss.

Oct 07 at 13:43
170 posts
That's what, but emotions don't work in trading. Rather, on the contrary, they interfere with normal work.

Oct 08 at 10:35
39 posts
@Cenaya well said , It's all about how a trader evaluates the market conditions and plays his bets.

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