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Where to find investors?

togr (togr)
May 25 2017 at 06:07
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pmjn87 posted:

I'm currently unemployed and trading daily with my own money which is not a lot. I can make 2-5% profit on a monthly average. I'm not yet ready to get any investor investing on me but in the future that would be good step further.

Or is there anyone who has forex managed account site and is looking for new forex traders? I could start with small real account or demo account to prove my skills. At first I would like to get connected with people who has their own forex business or is connected with managed account business.

But if anyone has some info to give, I'll be pleased. And for those who are going to write negative things like 'you cant trade like that' - save to yourself, I've heard it already and I know I can trade like that.

Have a good day

First of all you need to offer account with decent profit and low risk.
Your DD is 90% so none will be interested.

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