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Which BROKER to choose for Auto-Trader?

wanglei3455 (wanglei3455)
Jul 29 2016 at 08:40
7 posts
I choose IC Markets and FXCM.

Jul 30 2016 at 19:03
39 posts
Thank you very much for your opinion, despite the fact that according to the number of posts on the forum you have left, you probably are new, of course, I could be wrong. Yet your opinion is identical with the opinion of old frequenter of this forum, so I Think I need to look closely at IC Markets

Aug 03 2016 at 11:10
16 posts
have a look darwinex, their execution time is super fast, better speed rather than using icmarket😄

nothing is impossible
Aug 04 2016 at 05:58
5 posts

Losers Average Losers && Never throw good $ after bad trading.
Aug 04 2016 at 06:04
1 posts
It depends which country you are from. I am from The Czech republic and I trade XTB for all time.

Aug 05 2016 at 03:59
1 posts
If I choose FXCM, to use auto trade, my auto trade will copy the orders from my subscription also if the system uses a different broker?

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