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$ 1000 to $ 10 000 in 4 weeks ?? * real account

James Smith (james2015)
Jun 07 2015 at 16:03
46 posts
lol nice joke $ 1000 to $ 10 000 in 4 weeks 😁😁😁

“The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”
Jun 08 2015 at 10:18
724 posts
I did 2k to 20k in one day *with proof* well in under 12h, actually twice before, nothing is impossible.

Ricardo Pacheco (ChvPt)
Jun 23 2015 at 06:51
5 posts
When you get 1000% in a week or even a day sure is not trading but more like a gamble. The risk you must be using sure is in the sky and with that kind of risk at stake every trade is more a gamble than an investment. Probabilities go to the limits. If you are a risk-lover then it's ok. I honestly preffer a more conservative figure.

Best regards.

Trade Responsible
BrewBot (DaveBrew)
Jun 23 2015 at 09:02
4 posts
Opened an account last week with $1,000 now on $12,200 so whats the big deal?

Jun 23 2015 at 09:11
724 posts
Maybe. Although my win rate was good, Max DD didn't go above 20%, exposure time was very low, I'd say it was some good trading.

Jaco Ferreira (JacoAF)
Jun 23 2015 at 10:07
130 posts
I agree with Ricardo, anyone with some experience in trading can do crazy things on a demo account. When I started to learn how to trade in 2010, I once gambled a $10 000 demo account to $254 000 in a single day (think it was the day the news of Greece first broke). The key here is that it is easy to be a cowboy with a demo account where you have no emotions attached.

I don't think, and please correct me if I am wrong in this, that anyone trading with his/her OWN money on a live account will ever be able to do this. Even with the best auto-trading system in the world, you will always feel the emotions associated with trading, i.e. Fear, Greed, Anger, Revenge, Hope, etc. In my experience, and I am no pro trader at all, trading with a manual system (tried auto trading - not 4 me), my biggest challenge is to keep being disciplined and stick to my trading plan and rules. Without them I start to make trading decisions based on emotions and then it turns into a business of gambling, and not trading.

I lost my first 3 real accounts because of a lack of discipline, trading plan and a good understanding of what risk and money management really means. Only on my 4th attempt did I start to make consistent profits, and now nearly 2 years later my account have only just passed the 300% equity growth. Its hard man, when you have your own hard-earned cash invested, and without the ability to manage your emotions, any system you try will fail in the long run.

So yes, $1 000 to $10 000 on a demo account is easy, I would even dare say that some of the best traders out there can do that on a live account.... but nobody I ever met can show me those accounts a year later.... cause they simply don't exist anymore, blown up, no capital...

Maybe someone here can show us over a period of 12 months how you maintain a 1000% a month equity growth... I know I will be keen to see such a miracle...

Peace out! 😄

Keep it simple, be disciplined, get rich slowly and above all protect your equity!
Jun 23 2015 at 10:53
51 posts
It is of course possible but the risk involved would be incredibly high and you would not likely sustain an account on the same risk level for much longer unless you were extremely lucky and when luck comes into play more than well managed trades you would be as well to just go to a casino.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” - Warren Buffet
BrewBot (DaveBrew)
Jun 24 2015 at 07:17
4 posts
I must be doing something wrong?

simple strategy that worked on 4 brokers.

Focus on one pair, learn its characteristics, times of day, reaction to market.
Small price, small number of pips, quick return.

Use the right broker for your strategy, don't get greedy!

2,500 to 17,500 in 2 weeks!

consistantly minimum $2,500 per day on one broker, one pair

Cameron Gill (camerongill)
Jun 25 2015 at 06:12
110 posts
Fellas, I think you are looking at it all wrong. I don't think it is about get rich quick, my thinking is that it is more about compounding realistic monthly returns over a period of time. Look at all these guys that have posted big claims, yes they might have a good run for a few weeks and then - whammo, account gone. My advice for what it is worth is to stop wasting your valuable time on get rich quick and to develop a system that generates smaller profits consistently month on month.

BrewBot (DaveBrew)
Jun 25 2015 at 14:08
4 posts
Forex Wave Rider,
I am retired so time isn't an issue, I generated $10,000 yesterday, the account is on 27,000 at moment and is working well. 2 EA's on 5 pairs. Plus my playing, I have been watching this for years and 'playing', just looking at 1 pair and looking in depth at responses to meetings and times of day (lunch times etc...), This is my latest account I have several open for months. All accounts working well. My wins are only $100 each but I tend not to sleep so can trade 20 hours plus on smart phone.

But yes as everything it might go sour, as with everything in life!


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