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Beginner's Tips

Jan 19 at 02:18
298 posts
It is normal for new traders to have less experience in trading. However, to gain this experience, you must gather a lot of research and information.

Jan 21 at 11:45
718 posts
now i m using demo account to see my price action trading strategy, really its supporting me right now.

Jan 21 at 11:59
920 posts
having a losses is very common attitude and there is no one who can avoid it in spite of having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge and experience.

Feb 03 at 13:40
718 posts
i like to depend on Forex , because its really a royal business than others. generally we the take Forex as money making place  and this greed comes from making profit from demo account. 

Feb 04 at 10:11
886 posts
Loss is an inevitable part of trading there is nobody who can avoid it completely; mostly loss occurs due to lack of exact money management plan as well non-skill trading knowledge. So, for avoiding loss we have to focus on there.

Feb 04 at 10:50
364 posts
When I was a newcomer I was using Bollinger Bands in demo account, but didn’t get maximal result that I did in demo.

Feb 04 at 13:22
951 posts
its a very positive attitude to want something different in life
, i mean successful and exceptional people always different from others we have , good move.

Feb 05 at 11:58
82 posts
As a beginner, you should come with enough knowledge of Forex and need to be consistent in learning.

Feb 10 at 06:00
102 posts
The first step for any beginner, in any field, has to be to learn. So that is one advice I want to give to all forex newbies. Get yourself all mugged up with the basics, research well and only then stake your funds here.

Feb 17 at 04:51
13 posts
It is indeed difficult for a newbie to begin with trading at first if they have absolutely no knowledge and understanding of the market.

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