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Can't withraw funds from a broker. Help!

vontogr (togr)
Feb 02 2017 at 11:28
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plouiz posted:
iamgifted posted:
Please advice, because I don't know what to do with the broker I have.
I have trading account with
I have put there my funds in total of 3300USD and also received bonuss/credit in amount of 7500USD. I have been very successfull lately scalping DAX and my balance grew up to 14 000USD. Together with the credit my equity is around 21 000USD.
I want to withdraw the money, except the credit of 75000USD, but they don't let me. They say I have to trade certain volume to be able to withdraw the money.
There are 2100lots to trade till I meet the volume, thats pretty much and would take a long time.
Fact is, that Its really hard to do, because when I traded DAX successfully I had really low spread but now they changed it to 10 times higher. It's impossible to scalp.

Please support,

You should be using Exness, they said, is good, easy to withdraw funds

Exness cannot be trusted

Tiffany (TiffanyK)
Feb 02 2017 at 12:53
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ALWAYS deal with broker who is regulated. This way you know there will be support who will help you if you are in trouble with the broker. If you sign the terms and conditions and the broker is not regulated – you have to hope for a miracle to get your money back.

Accept the loss as experience
FTDFX (eruditeX)
Feb 02 2017 at 12:53
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You fell into their trap.

It's a marketing gimmick, not just them, maybe alot of unregulated offshore entity/brokers out there.

There's no free lunch, they did offered you more leverage power through bonus.

And it's all part of terms and conditions.

Now you suck thumb, keep trading until you hit that volume :D.

They just waiting for you to go greedy/fearful and tank 1 time when market spike against you.

- Counter party risk

Саша (SmartCG)
Feb 02 2017 at 14:59
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go to bank and ask about 'charge-back'. if need help write me . gl hf

Дайте денег в управление !!!!!!!!!
Rebecca Pettersson (kerstin71)
Feb 07 2017 at 07:59
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You really should have chosen a regulated broker. You should also check their license number in the website of regulation authorities. Try to avoid unknown broker.
I am trading with Hanseatic broker and found them okay so far. They are also CySEC regulated as you know recently this regulator became much stricter capping leverage at 1:100 (or 1:50) so I find my trading much safer now under them.

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