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double my demo

Mar 14 2013 at 21:20
35 posts
I am trading without sl in my new trading system ( 5% daily gain ) now . it's good i love that but i want to test this system until 5 month later .

essenn (essenn)
Mar 21 2013 at 07:27
36 posts
Techie1988 posted:
hi i am new to this site though i have been demo trading for a little while. my goal or plan is to double my demo from initial $500 to $1000 in a month within $50. i have been doing pretty well on a demo with which i learned a system i like to use and did it on that one not to long ago but now am using this site and the new demo to do 2 things, first is to get comments and/or constructive critisism on how i am doing and the second is to keep a track of my trading not just on paper and see more than just the reports.

I doubled my demo in 1 week. Easily done for an experienced Trader, though hard for a beginner. I took minimal risk, initial account Balance was $200, using 0.2 lot size per trade and aiming for 100pips and keeping SL at 20pips will double a mini account within 1 month or 1 week catching a good trend.

Never trade without SL...

Accurate "Money Management" Eliminates Account Blowup / Managed Entry Prevents hiting "Stop Losses" / Calculated "Trailing Stops" Keeps Position intact / Watch your "Take Profit" takes care of it Self...
Jun 18 2013 at 09:54
7 posts
Techie1988 posted:
i will say that i trade the demo the same way i would on a live account to me the demo is to prove if what you would do on a live account would truly work, otherwise there to me is no point in even doing a demo any other way cause if you look at it like it is real then you would do the same thing on a live the you would on a demo. just my thought process on demos

yes if one gets success in demo account he can try live account and do trading

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