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Forex Courses

Mar 09 at 08:05
385 posts
There are so many channels with free content like ICT i would just stick to Yotube this forum is great too to bounce ideas off and see if anyone has used that course before or what the general opinion is of it.
Mar 11 at 07:27
262 posts
Yes Forex is too much volatile and uncertain, that’s why any broker cannot protect you from gap but the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly, so broker is a big deal to ensure a successful trading life with certainly.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Mar 11 at 09:39
510 posts
Agreed, people like ICT are kicking out free content that I think can help you make money but you have to put the work in. No shortcuts.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Mar 12 at 10:18
801 posts
It should be understood that courses are not always a success. It is necessary to sensibly assess that in addition to this, you also need to make your efforts.
Mar 14 at 05:13
30 posts
Personally, in order to guide and educate myself about the forex market and different concepts of trading, I opted for an intensive course on Udemy which was quite informative and helpful overall.
Mar 14 at 10:26
165 posts
some courses are really good in online but they are all paid so we lost interest. actually right now it is really difficult to make sure which is actually good from all scams.
Mar 14 at 10:33
801 posts
Courses are a really necessary stage for work, which can allow you to get the necessary knowledge.
Mar 16 at 05:50
57 posts
You can also check the school of pipsology on babypips and investopedia academy, they are also some useful courses to learn forex.
Mar 16 at 17:17
801 posts
Courses may well allow the trader to get the desired result. I think that this is a good option for learning, but you should also pay attention to the demo account.
Mar 18 at 04:02
23 posts
Paid courses won’t teach you anything that the free ones won’t. So, instead of wasting your money on a paid course, save it for your trades and learn from babypips and investopedia, my favourites.
Mar 18 at 05:54
132 posts
i agree with your message.
Mar 23 at 11:29
566 posts
jameszenblade posted:
There are a lot of expensive Training Courses out there like AstroFX, Infinite Prosperity and Etc.

How willing are you to learn those profitable trader's strategies?

According to my own experience, only manual trading is real here! There is no way to rely on others strategy! Besides, you’ll have more authentic information on the popular Forex forums, like this one! So, there is no need to buy any paid training course!
Apr 08 at 04:09
38 posts
Forex trading is the same no matter whether you study from a paid course or from free knowledge on the internet. The outcomes depend on the efforts you put into your career-building process.
Apr 12 at 08:05
22 posts
Forex trading courses will teach you how to trade without knowing anything about the market. They'll show you how to make money, but they won't teach you what you need to know in order to make money. If you want to succeed, learn the basics of currency trading before taking a course on it. The best way to learn the basics is by reading books and following other trader's blogs.
Apr 22 at 04:14
44 posts
I never signed up for such big courses because there is a lot of free content you can refer to. I have checked a few courses on Udemy and Coursera, though. Their courses are good and affordable.
Apr 24 at 11:01
720 posts
what you think guys any paid course is always informative and supportive ?
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Apr 24 at 14:54
328 posts
Not willing to pay for anything as far as learning goes because everything is available online for free if you look in the right places. I also think a lot of mentors and forex gurus are just failed traders themselves.
Apr 25 at 09:05
262 posts
hi guys , do you believe any paid courses in online ?
May 03 at 06:34
26 posts
It’s a waste to spend your money on forex courses. Everything is available for free on the internet. Craft a blueprint of what you would need to learn and you will find all that for free.
May 03 at 07:55
32 posts
Well, I don’t refer to any paid courses, I prefer to learn from the school of pipsology on babypips. It is an easy as well as a very informative source to learn forex trading.

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