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Forex Courses

Sep 04 at 09:18
740 posts
so many paid course are available in there and most of them are found to be scam.
Oct 04 at 09:59
21 posts
Not all paid courses are profitable, but yes, courses that have good reviews are definitely worth taking. The way I see these expensive courses is “it is better to spend on learning, than to spend the money losing trades.”
Oct 07 at 04:28
15 posts
I never paid for a course to learn forex trading. I learnt everything myself, and so can you. There are plenty of free strategies and courses. Check them out and do backtesting before trading live. Best of luck!
Oct 17 at 07:21
15 posts
I don’t think it is worth it to pay for courses. They are only expensive, but nothing is valuable inside them. Better to stick with free content. I started trading with You can explore that.
Nov 01 at 05:28
26 posts
With the advancements, there are so many ways to educate yourself about the market. You don’t really need to spend on courses. There are other reliable resources like Youtube, blogs, articles, books, etc that will help you with your learning journey.
Nov 01 at 12:48
56 posts
It seems to me that a more convenient option for learning is not courses, but a demo account. At least, when working with a broker from Amarkets, I did just that.
Nov 02 at 15:11
18 posts
what you think guys ? paid course always brings good knowledge and experience ?
Nov 04 at 10:06
62 posts
it depends where from you got this ? so many scams issue in this area and most of them are found to be scams.
Nov 10 at 09:41
19 posts
Imo, trading courses can help in understanding the concept of trading but can not make you a professional trader. So, it is important to practise to trade on your own on the demo account. One can not learn forex unless he/she develops relevant skills.
Nov 12 at 04:30
740 posts
for the beginners level psychology of school is really appropriate i think which is completely free from pips school,
Nov 12 at 09:40
18 posts
this education level is okay but i think besides this it is more appropriate to make sure regular practice session . happy trading
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