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Getting so much confused with the terms. Please, help.

Jan 28 at 18:02
318 posts
There is no secret in this market. You need to make a good and profitable planto make momney from this market.

Feb 03 at 08:06
23 posts
Just to learn the terminology, which is not enough, you need to understand how to apply it correctly in trading.

Feb 06 at 15:30
78 posts
Remembering terminologies will not be a big task once you understand their application.

Feb 09 at 08:08
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Pointingmark posted:
A broker will not guarantee your success; it is your intellect and wit which help you to gain success in the markets because a broker is just a platform for trading, but the actual control is in the hands of the trader.

Exactly, brokers can only provide you with a medium to trade, success in Forex trading depends only on a person’s knowledge and skills.

Feb 09 at 08:09
31 posts
A consistent learning will always help you to understand each and every term.

Feb 10 at 15:06
39 posts
I think that to better understand and understand the terminology you need to do it yourself.

Feb 10 at 20:41
19 posts
There’s plenty or places to find the info and if you just google it and maybe print it off so you can keep looking at it when needed which will help it sink in

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