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Greed is poison

May 20 at 06:17
21 posts
Greed, fear and anxiety are some of the emotions that you encounter while trading that can blow your account in no time.
May 22 at 13:38
20 posts
yes greed and emotions are really a great poison.
May 26 at 07:33
24 posts
Greed is something that, if it sneaks into your trading, can cause you to lose a lot of money quickly. Trading out of logic and practicality should be done carefully.
May 26 at 07:41
27 posts
Greed is really one of the greatest poisons ever known to man, especially when it comes to trading. It is valid everywhere and not just in the world of trading. They lose it all if they don’t know how to leave greediness.
May 27 at 05:23
18 posts
I agree. Greed is no doubt a poison for the traders and it must be controlled. Greed is capable of ruining your entire trading career and you can go bankrupt in seconds if you don’t control yourself. You need to understand that forex is not easy money and keep unrealistic expectations. It may take years to trade and earn profits so don’t look for any shortcut and do the hard work yourself. The more you learn, the better trader you become.
Jun 01 at 08:49
16 posts
Greed is bad, not only in daily life but in forex trading as well. When you get enough profit, you should exit the trade. Oftentimes, when you stick into the trade after having received good profits, with the greed to get more, the trader ends up losing.
It is better to use stop loss and take profit always in order to avoid loss due to greed.
Jun 01 at 10:47
703 posts
not only a greed only poison but also a over thinking mind also a hindrance in trading as well real life.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Jun 15 at 14:35
282 posts
I've definitely talked to many other traders that got destroyed by greed and know one one in real life. It's no good, just on the opposite side of the spectrum from anxiety based trading.
Jul 30 at 06:35
27 posts
Yes, greed is poison. One has to be very wise while trading
Aug 04 at 09:38
18 posts
Greed is surely harmful for traders and works like a slow poison. We don’t notice anything wrong until our account blows up. We just think more risk will give us more profits but forget about the losses and drawdown. Emotional control is surely the only antidote for this poison.
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