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How about "Live" trading?

Feb 19 2017 at 07:28
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snapdragon1970 posted:
jackwilliams posted:
snapdragon1970 posted:
jackwilliams posted:
Xpatricio posted:
No one will share his winning system. Think about it. You can only win the money others loose. So? Would I be interested that others win my money? You have to figure it out yourself.

It is true that why would anyone share their winning trading strategy with others. But yeah experienced traders giving signals is the best example. As this way experts are able to earn additional income from their followers. Inexperienced traders can perform successful trades. But of course it is not that simple as it seems, and there must be some hidden fact about this.

There are some sites that have free intros that you can use to get free tips on trading.

Yes surely, there are some sites to provide free tips on trading. But mere getting theoretical tips not actually help the newbie. Combination of both reading the tips and visually studying the trading by the experts can help more to the inexperienced ones.

Meir Barak has a 14day free trail, they have a live trading room you can log into so you can listen and watch, its stocks but still worth checking out.

Ohh Great. Thanks for the recommendation, I will surely try it.

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