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Manage Money

Oct 04 at 16:39
614 posts
Success depends on strategy money, risk.

Oct 04 at 17:39
588 posts
Money management is essential causes leverage makes us control a huge quantity of money.

Oct 04 at 20:25
370 posts
ForexViking69 posted:
This is the first thing I tell new traders, money management is not only key to trading but to investing in general. Some good advice :)

I agree with you.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Oct 13 at 19:52
41 posts
PriceAction13 posted:
Actually without proper money management even the best strategy would yield poor result. Money management begins with determining the lot size or allocation of capital to a trade. This is followed by assessment of risk to reward ratio and usage of stop loss and take profit facility. Unless and otherwise a trader is adept in all the criteria mentioned above, it would be very difficult to come out successfully in the long term. Very few traders are exceptional in money management and so they perform exceedingly well than others even when similar trading strategy is used.

Definitely agree

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