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Manual trader interested in the world of Automated Systems

callenaw (callenaw)
Jan 11 2012 at 12:00
25 posts

   sharpforex posted:
   The problem with EA's is their lack of human intuition. I have programmed successful manual trading systems only to see them fail as an EA. The reason? A robot simply follows a strict set of instructions and will enter / exit positions when those instructions are met, whereas us humans employ common sense. A robot would sail straight through a set of green traffic lights regardless, but what if there were a rolled-over truck blocking the intersection? You and I would stop without having to think about it, but our robot...

The real solution is to do exactly what LiquidityFX suggests by refining and documenting your manual trading system. Then separate functions into two groups: (1) those that can be automated, i.e. lot size, stops, trade alerts, and (2) those that should remain manual, i.e. actual entry and exit. Have a programmer code your automated functions, but continue to use your own intuition for market entry / exit.

Great advice sharpforex, especially the manual part about actual entry and exit. Thumbs up!

Let the market come to you
Jan 11 2012 at 17:23
19 posts
Manual? This result from 1 month manual trade.

Abs. Gain: +396.28%
Balance: $49628.10
Equity: (100.00%) $49628.10
Highest: (Jan 11) $49628.10
Profit: $39628.10
Deposits: $10000.00

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