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MT4 problem help!!

ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Nov 27 2013 at 18:11
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I am sorry my friend but I didn't understand your last post, I don't know what a Zynga Poker is, the only virtual currency that I am aware of is Bitcoin but I don't think that is what you were talking about so I am afraid that I am lost here.

75 Billion dollars is larger than the GDP of a number of countries so if someone had lost that amount it would surely show up in the news as the French bank trader did a couple of years back that lost almost 2 billion of his banks money.

I'm thinking that maybe you got this thread mixed up with some other one because I also can't find any post where anyone asked you or anyone to promote something.

So 3 refrences, 3 failures, I'm not doing very well here am I?


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ahuruglica (ahuruglica)
Nov 27 2013 at 18:26
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Zynga Poker is just an online poker game, with virtual money, which they have not value. Just an online game. On the other hand Bitcoin is virtual currency, but has value. I made an example: with zynga virtual chips and demo virtual money, no one can pay bills.

I know that trading demo account and real account is similar, but not the same. Even if you trade manual or with robots. There are differences. EA-s have some advantages over humans, humans have some advantages over EA-s.

Everything is possible, but on long I believe humans have more chances over fully automated EA-s.

ahuruglica (ahuruglica)
Nov 27 2013 at 18:49
852 posts
ForexAssistant posted:

we also take up some of the risk by offering a rent to own program. These programs are not the cheap $99 specials that you see all over the internet. But they do have one very important thing going for them, they work, first time, every time.

Try it out for yourself, it won't cost a cent, you don't even need a credit card to try it. You can get some information from the research site, that is the one, or you can get a copy of whatever program that interests you by going to and following the directions.

Friend, I didn't promote anything, you did.

You said programs are not cheap, more than 99$, and the website: this is what I call promotion. I only said, if you have an working EA, just show it works on real account. You claim it works, show it.

ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Nov 27 2013 at 19:31
465 posts
When it comes to pure trading, you are probably right humans can make more money trading than a computer, at least for now. But here's the difference, traders are looking to find the highest payout while I am looking to free up my time. I am more concerned with safety than profits and I want a robot that can provide a steady income for our retirement.

Like most people, time got ahead of me. In 2007 I came to the harsh realization that I was in my later 50's and hadn't been able to put enough money away for any kind of retirement, and that time was approaching quickly. My last real estate venture had just went bust and my wife and I were left in Nicaragua without the ability to make a real living there and were living off of our savings. Something had to be done so I made a deal with my wife that we would move back to the States and she would go back to work while I found the best and most reliable way to retire. That was 6 years ago...

As it turns out, I am gifted in some areas and as you can tell from my last post, completely lost in others. But math has always come easy to me. When I look at the forex market, I don't see it the same way you or other traders do, I see it from a mathematical perspective. You see for me, I don't trade, all I am doing is arithmetic.

We are looking for some person or company that will look at my work and realize that they could sell these programs simply because they are so steady and buy the rights from us, and that will give us enough money to retire on. The market for our robots will probably end up being other retirees or the average investor as apposed to traders. As you say, traders can learn to make more than our robots will but they will still have to work at it. I have found away for retirees like myself to provide a nice income so we can live wherever we want to in the world and not have to worry about money.

So what I am trying to say, and not doing a very good job at it, is that better is a matter of perspective. I never wanted to be a super trader while that is the apparent goal of most traders, I think.

It has been great chatting with everyone, but this is eating up more time than I realized. So I am bowing out and wish everyone the best of trading and a most peaceful and happy time of thanksgiving.


where research touches lives.
ahuruglica (ahuruglica)
Nov 27 2013 at 20:43
852 posts

It's been great chatting too. Thanks for sharing your life experience.

Personally I found myfxbook as a great tool for statistics. I'm trying to improve my trading skills and I tend to forget my mistakes. I've started trading five years ago, as every newbie trader: hoping for easy profits. Found it the hard way, high IQ doesn't pay out, patience does.

Funny, what I learned for five years is that markets are 'predictable'. It is 'easy' to learn fundamental and technical analysis, but the hardest part is human behavior. It takes time to learn to trade without emotions. But it is easier for a human to learn to set emotions away than to program a computer to make rational decisions.

Personally I don't like EA-s and I've seen only few working EA with track record longer than 3 years and monthly win about 3-4% but seen many many go bust. No easy money, that is the law.

Nov 27 2013 at 21:08
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Yes, I am relieved. Almost had a heartattack when my dd was over 120% at some point 😉

ahuruglica posted:

I was close on calculation, 74.63% (current 73.51%), it's good it is solved. 😄

About demos in general just said that platforms should be tested on demo first.


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