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New to Forex

May 03 at 06:10
26 posts
margaritastephen posted:
Imamul posted:
when i was a newcomer always fall a great trouble when using high leverage , its a very risky approach i have done and every time i have faced loses

That happens when you go with a really high leverage like 1:100. I think it's best to use as little leverage as possible while a novice trader is still learning.

But if they don’t use leverage, how will they make profits and actually get some experience?

May 03 at 06:22
16 posts
I'm not saying they shouldn’t use it at all. Just keep it as low as possible. This will help them understand and know how to handle their trades without risking so much. I dealt with a limit of I:30 with my previous broker and even though my new one turnkey forex offers 1:100, I don't go beyond 1:50. I like having a certain degree of control over my trades and high risks can just mess that up man. And for a newbie, in particular, a huge loss could be really disheartening.

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