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Signa providers

Apr 04 at 14:22
939 posts
This is really important to pay attention to. Otherwise, the result may not be the best.
May 03 at 06:31
25 posts
Don’t trust fake signal providers. They will take your money and send false signals to make you lose. It’s better to analyse the market on your own and plan your entry and exit. You may incur a loss, but you will know what went wrong and what needs to be improved. It’s better than following fake signals blindly.
May 06 at 03:57
28 posts
I wouldn’t recommend signal providers as a lot of them can be scams however I do suggest analysing the market and then reaching your own conclusions.
May 16 at 04:36
78 posts
Iimo, deriving trading signals on our own helps us in achieving success in the long run.
May 26 at 09:17
18 posts
Signal providers are not magicians. They are also traders like you and me who analyse the market and tell traders what to do. But as you cannot find out whether what they are telling is true or not, you may not be able to do anything if they turn out to be scams.
Sep 01 at 18:01
13 posts
signals aren't effective at all, and in addition they are being provided by the people who have no idea about trading at all. (personal experience)
yeah, quite categorically, but I don't deny the fact of existence of proper trading signals, the most part of traders don't wanna spend their time on the search.
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