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Steps to Mental Success in Trading

May 10 at 23:58
588 posts
After all, it’s a mind game. So, prepare the mind and trade with the proper mindset.

May 11 at 08:36
65 posts
I can say that the psychological attitude really gives a lot

Jun 06 at 13:13
614 posts
After all, it is a mind game. So, mental strength is needed.

Rjay Bulaong (RjayBulaong)
Jun 06 at 15:53
6 posts
If you study Behavioral Finance, you'd very much know how the markets just work based on traders' psychology. So it's true that it's just a mental game, but a very tough mental game! There's this thing called Loss Aversion, where the degree of unhappiness you feel when losing is much greater than the degree of happiness you feel when winning. So the tendency is for people to be very irrational when they lose (multiply their risk, withdraw all their money, etc.). Keep this in mind! You need to find the right balance between not getting excited when winning and not getting stressed out when losing. Many years of experience in trading will teach you this.

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