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Tips and tricks!

alessanFX (alessanFX)
Mar 01 2017 at 07:47
10 posts
To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to maintain your composure, be rational and emotionally distant. These traits are usually found in new entrants. Experienced traders are much cooler and composed and have learned over time that you are going to win some and if you do not lose some.

snapdragon1970 (snapdragon1970)
Mar 02 2017 at 17:38
1944 posts
I like to trade stocks as well as FX ,today Snap had its IPO, I have a short position at 25.13 with take profit at 24, my total loss will be 53euro total gain 102.

"They mistook leverage with genius".
BaldoN (BaldoN)
Mar 10 2017 at 10:53
522 posts
Just keeps to: learning, testing educating, getting experience ...then again and again. :)

Mar 22 2017 at 07:34
10 posts
The correct attitude implies to keep in mind and to develop these attributes constantly:

• Discipline
• Objectivity
• Patience
• Have real expectations

To know the differences between the different currencies that are traded

Not all currency pairs have the same characteristics. Each currency pair is traded taking into account different macroeconomic factors. In addition different economic agents trade with different currency pairs for different reasons. The way a banking institution operates differs significantly from the way a mutual fund operates. A speculator will have a different philosophy than that of a retail investor. Therefore, in order to maximize opportunities, you must keep in mind the different factors that drive different economic agents to participate in the market.

Mar 23 2017 at 07:35
14 posts
A tip looks at your trading history.
For this step, it is necessary that you keep a record of all the operations that you carry out in the currency market. In the history of operations you can find the most common mistakes you make along with your areas of success.

Mar 23 2017 at 07:53
8 posts
Each strategy has its ups and downs. There is no system that is 100% profitable throughout the year. So we must be prepared for fluctuations. As we said earlier, success is measured over the long term. The problem with many newbies is that they try a strategy and if it does not work for the first week they put it aside and try a new one. It is advisable to see how this strategy behaves in the medium / long term.

snapdragon1970 (snapdragon1970)
Mar 23 2017 at 12:57
1944 posts
Thanks guys for posting good advice, everyone benefits ,keeping records of our trades helps even if we get it right 40% of the time as long as we have good money management we can still be profitable.

"They mistook leverage with genius".
snapdragon1970 (snapdragon1970)
Mar 23 2017 at 19:40
1944 posts
There are lots of good free info out there, if anyone wants links let me know.

"They mistook leverage with genius".
Mar 24 2017 at 07:08
4 posts
When I see a signal, I operate by dividing the batches of an operation into two distinct operations. If the original were a lot, there would be two of 0.5 for example. The two with the same stop loss, one of them put take profit and the other only a trailing stop the same size as the stop loss. In this way, the take profit will be executed and at the same time the trailing of another operation will be moved to the entry price, leaving the operation totally insured. In addition, you can earn a few extra pips if you raise more, adjusting continuously the trailing of the second operation.

Mar 24 2017 at 07:09
2 posts
Hey Kieran, I would take you up on that offer.
snapdragon1970 posted:
There are lots of good free info out there, if anyone wants links let me know.

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