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Traders Give Birth to a New Idea, premier announcement

Jun 11 2014 at 06:53
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Bob, I have been reading your comments with somewhat of an interest in your ideas, although not subscribing to your idea. You might be right, you might not be right. Being inquisitive and questioning are traits of a good trader. I am among, probably, the majority of people here not convinced in your idea. By no mans to discourage you, but you need some more evidences, some more examples, some more other ideas as to how this new global language will make it better for the Earth or be used within the United Nations. Curious to hear more.

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Jun 11 2014 at 15:59
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While I applaud your sentiments Bob and share your views on some issues. Language will not change the problems facing the planet today. The world is becoming chronically starved of resources, whilst it's level of complexity increases. Systems of greater complexity require an increasingly large amount of energy in order to prevent the increase in entropy that a more complex system creates. Consequently as resources dwindle, they will be contested over. That's simple darwinism. Yes, there are potential solutions to these issues but they involve science not language. English is already the lingua franca of science.

Trading shares similar traits, it's a zero sum game. While I agree with helping out some investors, not everyone can profit from the forex markets and in my experience, not everyone is even ready to hear the messages that a good FX tutor can share. It's sad, but true.
Best regards Steve

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Jun 12 2014 at 05:19
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Steve, I need to acknowledge your post and want to comment on it but I got carpel-tunnel writing the following article to Zoom. My eyes just got opened and decided to copy this question and lengthy answer over to the new blog that Mary is setting up for .

from ZOOM;
 “I am among, probably, the majority of people here not convinced in your idea. By no means to discourage you, but you need some more evidences, some more examples, some more other ideas as to how this new global language will make it better for the Earth or be used within the United Nations. Curious to hear more. ”

I am somewhat embarrassed here, after as much time as I spent with this subject I got to believing that some of the benefits where so obvious that there was not much point in naming them. I didn't stop to realize that to everyone else, the concept wasn't even obvious.

Teens have their own language that parents think strange but the teens like to have the language that binds them to their own. They usually do understand English but only use it when they have to. Each region, country or local areas will still use their native language but everything they publish would also be published in the common language. If anyone is visiting, they will be able to enjoy their experience more as all the road signs, public sector such as hospitals and police are labeled in the native and Earthen language.

This will remove barriers that keep tourists from coming to your attractions. From the travelers point of view, being able to mostly communicate your desires or needs makes or breaks your experience. Why does all the travel places hire English speaking employees? So all the places that can't afford English speaking employees are not worth seeing? Of course they are so with a universal second language every experience has greater dimension.

It isn't so bad for English speakers but what about German speakers? Can any business hire someone to speak every language? Obviously no, so some will have to struggle with not understanding what is meant by “last bus for the night”.

And safety is increased, airplane pilots, ocean going ships and boats, all navigation would shift to the common language so there would never be a missed signal because of a communications failure again. Rescue workers would all be able to communicate clearly for greater efficiency and safety.

Picture this, you are on a short lay over in Brazil on your flight from Uruguay when a guard notices you look a lot like the wanted picture for a gun runner he just saw. You tell him that you don't understand Portuguese but since you can't communicate he can't understand you either. He pulls you aside until someone can be found that speaks your language and Portuguese. Eventually, you are able to explain why you're there and why you are carrying so much money and they let you go. You however missed your plane. All for the ability to communicate effectively.

You could watch news from around the world instead of depending on the spin doctors running the news that you get locally. You could hear both sides of every argument as all news channels could broadcast in their local language and sub-channel the Earthen language for the rest of the world. Movies would be made in English and the common language for the world market. Corporations would save millions on translation duplication and be able to hire quality employees from elsewhere in the world because they all speak the same second language.

The world organizations like the world health organization would be able to release one statement and instantly be understood by all the other counterparts. The United Nations would adopt the Earthen language for all meetings so people everywhere could understand each speaker.

Schools want you to learn a second language, Earthen should be one of them. Almost every one will want to learn it, first because it is new and different, then later because it is accepted by our peers (the in thing to do), then, because we realize that we are at a disadvantage to those who have learned it. We are all at that same disadvantage right now but as the Earthen language is developed and adopted, those disadvantages will disappear.

Scientific research. Contrary to the belief that English is the language of science, the space station has a mixture of English and Russian labels on everything. Do you really think Putin will recommend Russian schools teach English as the world language? It may have been true that English was the language of science for some period of time, but that too is changing.

The worlds population is growing, we are blurring into something that has never been, a culture of cross cultures. We need to establish a single language that can bind us all as humans. One People that all came from the same source. You and I are related, we share a common ancestor somewhere in the past. Yea, it grossed me out when I first realized it too, but there it is.

As the population grows, demands on limited resources will lead to conflicts. If the conflict is with something less than human, I am required to eliminate this non human threat to our security. However, if the conflict is with my brother, I might want to find a suitable compromise. If we speak the same language, we will grow closer. More talk, less killing, who knows, maybe we can evolve.

In fact, choosing to develop and adopt a universal common language is in a way, evolution in itself as we adapt to the internet reality. Ideas can be shared around the globe so problems can be solved by people that you didn't know existed. Two thirds of the surface of this planet is water and we don't know how to use it. Hydroponic gardening uses less water than regular crops but we don't have gardens at sea. If we are all one people on this one planet, we might want to work together to learn about how to equitably utilize its resources. One language would really help this out.

The real evolution for humanity will be to quit idolizing competition and start embracing cooperation. That can only happen when we start talking but also understanding each other.
One planet, one people, one language.

So, would a common language make the world a better place to live? In so many ways, we haven't even begun to comprehend just how much it would benefit us, but the real question is, will it bring peace? Sadly, no it won't, but what it will do is open the door and hang out a welcome sign.


where research touches lives.
stevetrade (stevetrade)
Jun 12 2014 at 09:13
1408 posts
Hi Bob,
I love your sentiment and you are obviously a good soul. Within the next several years many language barriers will have been eradicated by technology anyway.

We'll have Google glass or something similar translating written language for us. There will be blue tooth earpieces linked to our smart phones offering automatic translations of spoken language for us.

Here's one amongst many things currently being developed.

I've already seen apps for smart phones where you can point your camera at signs and they are put through OCR and then translation software. While still rudimentary, they work. I can also talk into my phone and it will translate for me.

When you look at the technologies that companies like Google invest in and join the dots, you can see exactly what is planned for the future. Remember a lot of these companies have 10 year plans if not further out.

In the UK, nationalised cultures are actually pushing more towards rediscovering their old languages and reviving them. I think language, dialects, colloquialisms etc. are great and good for the diversity of the planet. While I do agree that if the planet was just one nation there would be less problems, that's not something that can be achieved easily as we quite clearly are a planet of different nations and different cultures and that is never going to change.

What I think is more important to bring us together than a common language is a common education that we are fundamentally all one species, facing the same challenges and exposed to the same dangers.

Best regards Steve

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Jun 14 2014 at 05:53
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Steve, yes technology can help but consider this, you have met one of those Russian beauties, she cuddles up with you in front of the fire sharing a glass of wine. You look into her eyes, whip out your translator and whisper, 'Oh my, you do look sexy tonight'. Your translator says, 'you look like my sex tonight'. Even if it happens to get it right, there are somethings that should never come between a man and woman, a translator is one of them.

Oh, this is great, I know how to make this cause go viral, Guys' you really could pick up a Russian heart breaker as you could both converse in the common second language. With no language barrier we could conceivably get laid in any country in the world. I wasn't thinking, when I wrote about benefits like ease and safety in traveling or getting the same language labels on the space station. I should have went right to the point to start with... It wouldn't work for me though, put me in the same room with one of those gorgeous Russian girls and I will prove that I can get tongue tied in any language.

But seriously, the biggest argument that we should do this thing is that no computer can show the world that we can pull together and do something to improve our own existence. Machines have their place but also their limitations. We need to do something to pull 'ourselves' together. Never before in history has the world acted unitedly to make the whole planet a better place to live. If we can do that, then we will have educated ourselves with proof 'that we are fundamentally all one species, facing the same challenges and exposed to the same dangers'.

We can't just say that we are all one people, we have to prove it, then it will become true without question. But here's the opposite side of the question, what could it possibly hurt? A common language would only help technology to get assimilated into distant regions and improve upon its capabilities. There are several thousand languages world wide, no one knows how many for sure. Translating each language into every other language is an exercise in futility. It may eventually be accomplished, but at what cost.

A common second language could in theory help save some of the lessor languages from being lost. When communities are engulfed by larger communities, they tend to lose their native language in favor of the larger communities language. Some of the native languages of the American Indian are almost extinct. But if we were all taught a common second language, the smaller communities language could continue to be used locally while communications with the rest of the world would use the common second language.

A universal common language would increase cooperation and communication throughout the world which are two of the main pillars of peace. Add to that a worldwide dating service and who could say no to that?

where research touches lives.
ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Jun 18 2014 at 06:36
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Well, I think we have finally got the and set up on its own hosting and we are getting the e-mails transferred, then we will begin the news releases. Let me know what you think of the new webpage. All feedback is helpful.


where research touches lives.
Jun 18 2014 at 06:46
138 posts
ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Jun 18 2014 at 15:57
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Thank you jotekfinance, I checked it at 10am New York time and it was back up but the web people may need to know that.


where research touches lives.
ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Jun 21 2014 at 00:02
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Zoom, et al.

The blog is now up on and Mary copied the post from here but I forgot to ask Zoom if we could post his name. Zoom please send me a PM advising on what name to use. Right now it just Z.

Anyway, we are going to send out the first press release pretty quick now so wish us luck.


where research touches lives.
Silverthorn (Silverthorn)
Jun 22 2014 at 08:14
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Hay Bob. I see Pegasus is coming back nicely after your last tuneup. Great to see.

Still undecided on the common language. Not critical of your efforts just not sure I see the need. I travel internationally a lot and always have. I lived in Africa for a number of years. I've been in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Italy this month. I speak only English (well the Ausie version of it) and it's very very rare and becoming even rarer that I am not able to communicate with people in other countries using good old English. My communication needs vary from very technical and precise as an Engineering Consultant to general conversation when ordering a meal or making a friend. English is already taught as a second language in a huge number of European and African Countries. And I think that it is slowly being adopted by general consensus without the intervention of anybody. English speakers are less prominent in Asian Countries but still steadily increasing.

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