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What do you wish to achieve through forex?

Fearlesswalker (Fearlesswalker)
Feb 24 2020 at 11:14
25 posts
I wish to become the best trader and leave a legacy that new trader would admire. I want to build the best trading strategies and even come up with signals that I can sell to make more money. The bottom line is that I want to become a full-time trader and quite my day job to make a living from trading. It might take years, but that's what I wish to achieve through forex trading

Feb 26 2020 at 14:03
3 posts
BaldoN posted:
You know what moves the market? There are two factors – fear and greed. If you start to supplement your income more often I guaranteed to you that you will become greedy – you will said to yourself – I want a bigger house, new car or something like that. Seeing that you have success on the market making small amount constantly – you will decide to raise the bar – put the big money – and then…
The wishes are good thing, but you need to stay on the ground, not to live in the clouds. Developing the system which brings you success is long and hard work.

Apr 12 2020 at 18:24
23 posts
I want to make additional money like $100 per day on somewhat consistent basis and see my near goal in that absolutely and entirely anyway for many suggested reasons out there. How we could make it - it's the other side of the story.

Jul 11 2020 at 06:52
90 posts
I think, for everyone, the goal of going to the forex market is to make good money.

Aug 05 2020 at 08:05
34 posts
I want to become a trader who trades without guesswork and fear as this is where wealth is generated.

Aug 05 2020 at 08:35
8 posts
I am not sure the topic is money. If it was people should keep themselves far from not only forex but futures, stocks all kind of markets because we know that majority is losing money, even who seems to making money soon or later they became loser it is just matter of time. If it wasn't simply spread betting wasn't exist too. When you look from this window there is so limited people can make money consistently in markets. So topic can not be money.

What could be?
For me it is a game, very challenging game and I have passion on this game. It is against human natural and this make the game more harder I love that challenge.I am looking money part as point in the game but it is not necessary because there are some people who even do not intent to play this game but they are making money, more than most of traders.

Many years I saw people who find what they are looking in the markets, a few sample;
Gambling, most of them even do not notice they have addiction, if they play in casino it will be clearly gambling but trading is a kind of hiding place...

Some people needs to be right all the time and they use market for this. Even when they are wrong, they push themselves to be right. You can hear them 'I predict that it will be worse than 1930 crises but how could I know FED print money and save the markets. -Than a few joke about QEs or FED' (he close his error there and continue to new predictions to be right but never wrong)

Some people need to be look cool and they use markets for that. They think that when they talk about DJIA they are look like super. As long as they believe they get what they want.

Some people needs to trick other people. For them money has to come from others because they needs to be foxy and they sell every kind of BS to others, for example signal providers, big twitter account, fx brokers.

Ed Seykota was right 'everybody gets what they want.'

Nov 18 2020 at 18:18
341 posts
I want to make a good and successful career in the forex market. I want to earn huge money from this market.

Nov 19 2020 at 09:20
123 posts
On the long run I would like to achieve a state of financial security and eventually have enough savings or passive income for when I retire in the future.

Nov 20 2020 at 18:29
318 posts
Every trader want to earn money as much as they can from this market. But for that, they have to make a solid plan.

Feb 26 at 09:41
75 posts
Despite the fact that everyone talks about their goals of coming to the forex market, all the same, the final account of everyone is to make a profit.

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