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What is realistic forex return?

togr (togr)
Jul 23 2020 at 08:24
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rscr posted:
Agree totally - no such thing as a 'realistic return', am consistently producing 5 to 10% on account balance daily. All depends on hours spent trading. My next question is it possible to automate and produce similar results consistently with less stress and effort? 10 - 29% monthly is very doable. Of course time will always be the ultimate judge of any trading methodology.

do you realize your profit for current month is
with 5% daily you were to have 100% already :)

Jul 23 2020 at 08:50
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Jul 23 2020 at 09:10
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Something between 2% to 20% per month is realistic. No stress, consistent trading, year after year.
Anyone who claims to have a profit of more than 50%/month all the time, is either gambling (too much risk) or not consistent with his profits (maybe one year profitable and the other year losing big time). There's no 'make money fast' scheme out there.

patience is the key
Jul 23 2020 at 10:05
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A realistic forex return is minus 100% . For some they can make minus 100% a day others it will take a month but most peopled get there in the end

Jul 23 2020 at 12:08
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IvanMelnik posted:
forexfiend posted:
1,000,000% easily

yeah why not?

Jul 23 2020 at 12:32
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0,5% to 50% per day of 5% of total capital

Jul 23 2020 at 13:19
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just perfect your risk money management and take whatever the market gives you.

togr (togr)
Jul 24 2020 at 13:49
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qq153002242 posted:
100% per month

This user doesn't share any systems currently.

Jul 28 2020 at 03:49
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100% per day is good too

Jul 28 2020 at 05:56
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If you are looking for monthly, it would be very profitable if you can make the forex returns being more than 5% to 10%, that is actually a lot to consider because there is always risk involved in trading. Sometimes, we cannot make the same returns but it is always important to make sure to back it up with technique to minimize the loss.

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