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What Are Your Golden Rules?

Feb 22 at 06:08
73 posts
Nakedize posted:
Some of the golden rules of trading that I follow-

1) Do not risk more than you can afford to lose
2) Do not risk more than 5% per trade
3) Learn to minimise risk
4) Always have a trading plan and follow it
5) Learn to control emotions
6) Never stop learning and always backtest your strategies.
Really good points. But I believe a trader should not risk more than 2% per trade. For every trader, protecting their capital should be the first priority, even more important than earning profits.
Feb 22 at 20:02
801 posts
Learn and take the time to work on the bugs. I think it's pretty important for a trader.
Mar 04 at 04:25
38 posts
The only golden rule I follow is to take a break when trading starts giving me stress that I can’t control. Not every market situation is worth taking a chance with and that’s why I like to stay away from it whenever I can.
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