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What am i doing wrong?

PayPip (PayPip)
May 14 2013 at 11:37
28 posts
Siirup posted:
Im very new in trading, i have took many classes, studied, spent shit load of money for that and i still loose. by the way i did better in demo than in real account. Feels just that im making money for my broker. Or is it just the forex market crappy right now?

1. looking for advice on the internet
2. buying garbage & taking classes from people that are more than likely salesman not traders.

yellow (yellow)
May 14 2013 at 19:05
4 posts
forexpipcatcher posted:
lol at least or even if that's in years

Ok, take this supersimple Plan.
Try trade one month with plan 'only 100 pips in month', and calculate your 'recovey factor'(must be more than 5). Analyze your trading.
}while(recovey factor < 5)

May 16 2013 at 09:01
45 posts
Don't buy any ebooks, robots, software or whatever from internet, i think i have them all as i bought every single one of them in the past, none that i use until present as they are all garbage, but if you still can't profit or don't have the time to trade forex, let full time traders do it for you, such as join my managed account service... 😁

Check below performance, 12% per month in average, 2.4% drawdown, results are verified by myfxbook.

petzi (petzi)
May 16 2013 at 11:13
14 posts
Look at that. The homepage can be found under this description in myfxbook

Alpscalp (Alpscalp)
May 24 2013 at 14:28
113 posts
@Sirrup, show us your track and we can maybe start giving you some advises. Any strategy or results online?
@ fxfund The gap between gain and abs gain is huge. Furthermore the relationship between the nr of trades and scalping profits is not ok.
@Petzi consider you MM, SL e.g. It killed you.

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