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Creating an EA

Jul 11 2012 at 13:13
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Hi Team new to this forum,
If the EA LOGIC is simple and not to complex, written exactly as it is traded, i can make a simple skeleton system to test the 'EA' this will be a just a basic NON optimized system. if the system involves Indicators they must have an 'OUTPUT MODE' of only 4 params.
P.S - if these are not already winning/working methods,constructed and operating today gaining winners then we please dont send me the EA to find out it fails, over 90% do in the long run.

                                         'ill do it for free if its not needed in a hurry'

Sean (Seanblaque)
Jul 18 2012 at 08:19
34 posts

 Do you know how to reverse engineer an EA? I have one that a vendor no longer uses however I believe I can work with the right touch.

Please let me know.


#BaseHits Lead to Runs!!!
Aug 07 2012 at 05:35
1008 posts
I code most strategies for free. I guess the main reason of doing so is more practice and I like to show that coding a good strategy takes more logic than one would think. A well thought out trading plan isn't enough because logic for an EA relies on mostly if, then statements. true false. and of course number crunching algos.

email me at

also you can join for free EA's and development

Aug 08 2012 at 11:45
32 posts
Can you tell me if there's any EA's around that just manage the opening and closing for a trade?

I.e, I drag the EA onto the chart to open a trade at a time I choose, then it will automatically set the TP and SL at a certain amount, once reached it closed the trade and removes itself from the chart?

Hernan Segovia (Spyfrat)
Aug 08 2012 at 14:24
52 posts
Hi Trick or Treat, im from the Philippines. Is it possible to collaborate with you? I have an unfinished EA done by a programmer here in myfxbook. Will time difference be a hindrance? we can communicate tru ym/emails. many thanks.

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bobbie (skiilodge)
Aug 09 2012 at 19:00
5 posts
I need a EA that is a trailing stop that closes out only part of my order so if I have an 1.00 lot and i use the EA it should trail and stop out .50 of the oreder.

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