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Free Trade Copier EA

Nov 19 2020 at 11:55
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Akirika posted:
Hi Guys,
 does anyone know how i can get a free sender and copier EA to use in copying and sending signals form one of my mt4 accounts to the other on my desktop so that i won't be repeating trades on both platforms. Or can anyone programme it?

Thanks in advance

Danine (danine)
Jan 21 at 19:32
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Hustler12 posted:
Hi Akirika and all guys in here.

The best solution for the copier trading is (, personally I using it and highly recommend it. The system is very user friendly and super fast in execution.

There is free trial you can check out through this link (

Is free trade copier? If not, price is per month, year? Please send more information, thanks.

Jul 06 at 08:52
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I tested this copier, is for free and it works very well

Jul 12 at 05:55
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@akirika, you can just google it out. There are a lot of such copier softwares available. Just like someone said, fxcopier is also a good one to try.

Alexandr Gauk (alexandrgauk)
Jul 13 at 10:34
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I have read all the comments, but I also have something to add. I think you will find the answer to your query and a lot of other information on this site. I suggest you follow this link

Jul 20 at 05:53
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Aug 30 at 11:51
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petays posted:
FX Blue Personal Trade Copier has been free and hopefully will be for ever. You need to register to download it.
BTW, was before MT4i Personal Trade Copier.

I can recommend it, beats many commercial products even though configuration can be tedious if you have complex setup.
But your configuration is the easiest to setup 😄
Just read the manual and understand how you apply risk setting and you are done!

I dont use it, its calculation and order closing is terrible

Sep 29 at 12:42
41 posts
eduardos23 posted:
I tested this copier, is for free and it works very well

Yes, this one is very good and without any limitations, full version.

Nov 07 at 17:35
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You can try this new copy trading platform without VPS or EA, they called Tradingkeun CopyTrade , visit

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