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help for be a good programmer

Aug 31 at 12:13
23 posts
Free code camp is a fantastic resource for the beginners. Very informative and their projects are out of the ordinary. Highle recommend.

igmGuru (igmguru)
Sep 01 at 12:24
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The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lot of information is helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating the blog, looking forward for more content ... Great job, keep it up

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Sep 08 at 07:44
1 posts
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Sep 10 at 18:08
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Sep 15 at 05:17
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Sep 15 at 10:52
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Really helpful blog. thanks splunk training for sharing the information.

Sep 15 at 20:18
3 posts
Why don't you visit freecodecamp youtube channel. I am sure there are many videos devoted to the programming languages that you want to master.

Sep 16 at 17:25
187 posts
As for me, this is not entirely related to trading, but it is also a very interesting option to work with.

Niharika das (niharika_das13)
Sep 17 at 09:44
1 posts
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BerinhardTrader (berinhard)
Sep 27 at 10:35
10 posts
I tried to backtest from the oldest data available on a chart period to now, print the values of the indicator, but it always return the wrong value 2xxxcfrew, even with the most recent pin bars. I guess the tester runs without waiting for the indicator to get the data for the bar it's testing.

Did someone managed to make this indicator work with an EA and more importantly have it work in the backtester ?

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