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I will program your PROFITABLE trading system into an EA for free!

GSterling Funds (RonaldGideon)
Feb 28 2019 at 07:02
4 posts
Hey bro....I've got a very profitable strategy that I want to automate. Can we work together on this? Its a Price action strategy anyway

Feb 28 2019 at 14:34
7 posts
GSterling Funds (RonaldGideon)
Feb 28 2019 at 14:36
4 posts
Thanks bro.
I have messaged you already, did you see the message, with the details of the strategy yet?

Mar 13 2019 at 11:47
6 posts
can u code my strategy into EA ?

Mar 13 2019 at 13:54
3 posts
I have tried to code in mql5 a bot that uses all number generated by MACD except signal line. I have tryed many coders for more than a year so far with no result. It is a bot that allows you to operate with thirty currencies pairs or stocks or indices at the same time. It also allows you to choose time frames as a filter and or as input and output. It may be used commercially but this is not my intention. I will allow the bot to be used for your personal use and who knows we can do something together on a commercial level. The bot has a dashboard where the trader can view and control the trades.

Mar 24 2019 at 07:58
2 posts
Hello, can anyone set my EA to expire monthly? Though I do not have the source code. Is there any way to do that without the source code?

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