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I came here to learn how to develop my own EA's

Feb 20 2017 at 07:49
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iverlord posted:
wat is EA..Pls help cos i am a new trader.. thanks

what about learning

dynamofx (dynamofx)
Feb 22 2017 at 15:14
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May 21 2017 at 09:09
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It certainly is not easy to build an EA but I´m not sure that it has to be ´rocket science´ either. I purchased an EA writing program and was writing EAs the next day. Not that those were money-making EAs but I used them to test trading ideas and to become familiar with the pitfalls of EA writing and execution and individual broker platforms. While doing this you will also become more familiar with how the forex markets behave and I don´t think that you can really be a successful EA writer without having that familiarity.

After months of testing I have an EA system that I am happy with. I run the same EA twice against each currency pair, one in default mode (where a buy/sell signal results in a buy/sell order) and the other in reverse mode (selling on a buy signal, buying on a sell signal). Each EA is optimized separately so it´s not a true hedging system but it is one which I hope will prove robust enough to survive changing market conditions. A kind of ´cover your butt´ system. I mention this not to promote this particular ´solution´ but just to encourage folks to try different approaches, other than trying to write the perfect, good-for-all-markets, directional EA - because that is going to be a tough task!

camerongill (camerongill)
May 28 2017 at 08:02
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Check out Molanis strategy builder. It is priced well and does save a lot of time.

There are a few others out there that have come and gone whereas Molanis has been around for quite some time.

Please note that I am not an affiliate of this software, I am someone that looked high and low to find a custom EA builder and this one ended up the top of my list after reviewing what was available.

cheers, Cameron

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