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need help automate system

Feb 25 2014 at 21:39
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qwezxc posted:

I do not speak English.sistema is that we open stop orders in both storony.Sistema trend if one hit the net flet, then add to the grid 1 2 similarity net mesh. it is necessary to explain in pictures, in words is difficult.

I think it would be better to use several bollinger bands and define 'extreme zones' within a current trend. As example: When the price is very much overbought during an established up trend, you start to buy. It would be still very risky but I guess it would work better than without 'extreme zones'.


Just figured out that it is already using extreme zones. Lovely idea BTW :)

Feb 26 2014 at 02:48
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я использую индикатор прайс шанель Price Channel, вы сможете запрограммировать в эксперта?

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