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Outlook Indicator in Expert Advisor

Jul 04 2020 at 02:21
2 posts
I recently got the Outlook Indicator from myfxbook, and my idea was to try to use it in an EA, but I met problems doing so.
It seems the indicator needs to be refreshed to get the data, and if it's not, using iCustom() returns a big number like 2147483647 for all lines (lots/positions short/long).
Sometimes when the indicator is attached to the graph and after changing time frame the values I get are correct (at least for the most recent ~1000 bars, then it's 2147483647 again).

I found out that if the indicator is added to a graph it can be refreshed manually (right click on indicator's name + refresh), then it would load more older data, and this can be repeated until the maximum of ~10000 bars is loaded, as claimed by myfxbook.
The problem I think is that there is no way to refresh the 'current state' of the indicator before calling it with iCustom().

I tried to backtest from the oldest data availaible on a chart period to now, print the values of the indicator, but it always return the wrong value 2147483647, even with the most recent bars. I guess the tester runs without waiting for the indicator to get the data for the bar it's testing.

Did someone managed to make this indicator work with an EA and more importantly have it work in the backtester ?
May 19 at 13:23
2 posts
I have the same problem but I don´t know how I can get the data. Do you know how I can do it?
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