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Total different performance of exactly same EA on different brokers.

compuforexpamm (compuforexpamm)
Jul 28 2010 at 15:52
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I know what you mean.....there is very little by way of reading material on the internal mechanisms of a broker. I have learnt most of these things the hard way.

In my case I had a run-in with MB Trading. One morning I woke up to find a bunch of trades running on my account that did not come from my side. I did the obvious thing and closed them......and that is where the proverbial poo hit the fan.

It turns out they were 'ghost' trades that had been created by a corrupt file at one of their liquidity providers. The problem was the trades did not exist and by closing the ghost trades, I had now created real trades but in the opposite direction.

There is a lot of good reading material at forex factory in the MB Trading thread on how these brokers work. After thinking about it, I have come to realise that it is kind of obvious that they must open an opposite trade. You have bought AUD using EUR. You cannot profit until you sell those AUD that you are holding. You can't just give it back.......

The electronic terminal tends to mask the fact that there is still a real market place in which we operate.

Presumably you have dissected the Quick_Close script and noticed that it is a bit more complex to use than the normal Close_All script. Your challenge is going to be to match trades of equal volume into opposing tickets and then load that into an array.

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compuforexpamm (compuforexpamm)
Jul 30 2010 at 19:10
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salmas64 posted:
I really didn't notice OrderCloseBy() function. 😄 Thanks for the examples, so far I used in closing routine similar way like in your Close_All script.
In my case I have mixed bag of BUYs and SELLs, but not always equal ratio, but I can use OrderCloseBy() for pairs and OrderClose() for leftovers.


Actually what I would do is match up the orders and then close the leftover orders first. Then you can take your time closing the opposing orders as you will be perfectly hedged. You could use a simple spread filter to reduce your cost, so only send the OrderCloseBy() instruction when the spread is below a certain value.

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Aug 02 2010 at 02:50
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yes Kenny good thinking!! Thanks and when I use OrderCloseBy() I don't have to worry about time... maybe I can wait for moment when spread is the lowest.

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