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Who can help me with this bug in code?

edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 24 2011 at 04:08
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Deathless2 posted:
    Hi everybody.
     I need help with code... Still closing trade when is specific market condition - choppy, floating around the open price. I recod it, here is the video - - in video do it in only at two pairs but sometime more 5-6pairs, sometimes less...depends on market condition. At the end you can see, the ea sent me mail alert Sell/Buy Breakeven exited... The coder which coded to me for 175$!!! working on it 5months and I think he don't know how to solved it.... who can help to solved this ea, also can keep it ;) very good order manager...just one bug but important. Only very good coder please - because this bug is something strange..

OK, so i took the time to download all forty six million bytes of your video.


and this time i watched the entire thing.

i dont see code.

i did see where somebody was opening up nineteen chart windows.

ok, i want to make a proposal to you.

i can do the job.

but, it will require me nineteen months to finish and my fee will be $19.00

let me know.


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