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PAMM update (By tfdias )

The user has made his strategy private.

PAMM update Discussion

Sep 23 2012 at 18:50
297 posts
just to make it clear .

Total profit: +115.58% NOT 180 % as u saying , but still good enough to invest .

so in 3 months u made 115 % witch means double the amount u deposited .not bad at all . witch come to +1792 usd .

so 1792 USD goes to 8 people and split according to shares .

33 % goes to you --- 591 USD
now we got left with 1201 usd
and now they are will be split according to share as well
65 % goes to 1 investor ----1200 - 65 %= 780 USD
19% to other ---- 1200 - 19 % 228 USD
7 % ------------ 1200 - 7 % and so on .
cos if some one gets 65 % of all profits and u get 33 % its will be nothing left in the pot . so that must mean that u get payd before everyone and from total ammount of profit and only then we get to split are money what ever is left ..and all of this takes 3 mounts

is that how it works ??? thanks

Tiago Dias
Sep 23 2012 at 19:08
49 posts
I think you don't really understand how it works but I'll try to make it simple.

My account has a ballance of 1729.19 and was already withdrawn 514.83 what makes a total of 2244.01.
The total deposits were 1274.82 what means that I made a profit of (2244.01 - 1274.82) 969.30.
But some investors started at the beggining of the account what means that they had their profit sooner and that doesn't count in the actual share.

The account is not splitted by equal to every investor, because it would be unfair for a $1000 investor have the same profit of a $300 investor, so let's imagine that we have a 50% profit in a month only with those two investments:

For a $1000 investor
$1000 x 50% = $1500 / The investor have a profit of $500 - 35% (trader fee) having a gross profit of $375

For a $300 investor
$300 x 50% = $450 / The investor have a profit of $150 - 40% (trader fee) having a gross profit of $90

So, every investor is a part of the same account, but each one of them have their profits individually.

The percent share of the account it is only to know your split, so you know that all of that is yours andd you don't share from the others funds.

Hope I could make it clear for you, please feel free to make your questions.

Sep 23 2012 at 22:46
297 posts
i understand know . thank you for an explanation .

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