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Import of history of trades without MT vote results

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Import of history of trades without MT Discussion

Jun 30 2011 at 16:20
735 posts
Good idea, done that a million times, just with FTP, and not a web upload. It would be a tad simpler with a web interface.

neodix posted:
second idea, is to have a possibility to upload via web interface 'statement.htm' file (because, like in my case, when I had to gather history not only from different accounts, but also from other sources) and to do Offline analysis over it. Just like this, without any grouping.

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Jun 30 2011 at 21:23
18 posts
Just want to make myself clear.
It's seems, that below i'm talking about a simple portfolio mechanism, but i'm not. Current portfolio mechanism only shows systems in one chart, but all other statistics still are separated. At the same time, i meant, to have common statistics for all accounts.

neodix posted:
first is to do kind of Account grouping, so 2 different MT4 accounts could be grouped. It would be useful for one, who wants to see total/grouped statistics for pips, spendings, profits and so on. Eventually, accounts get deposited from one pocket :)

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