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OANDA API Discussion

vagroupfundcom (vagroupfundcom)
Aug 22 2010 at 13:43
9 posts
OANDA still doing?

Staff (Staff)
Aug 22 2010 at 14:46
1389 posts

vagroupfundcom posted:
    OANDA still doing?

At the moment there's no progress on their side.

Jan 20 2011 at 22:18
3 posts
Are they even interested in this??

Makes me think? Do you have at least an app date?

Or should we wait for mt4 to connect the history to myfxbook??


dodgesparks (dodgesparks)
Jan 22 2011 at 08:04
217 posts
softwarewise, oanda couldnt beat it's way out of a wet paper bag.

dont believe me?

cruise over to their forum and check out the mess that they are making out of their metatrader.

even a monkey could get metatrader right.

guess what?

the new metatrader system that they rolled out makes all of it's trades thru the ever so fragile fxtrade and fxgame servers.

which means that as soon as somebody writes some really really demanding high frequency trading EA for oanda's metatrader that the odds are strong that this could bring fxtrade and/or fxgame to a slow crawl.

i am not sure who is likely to do such a thing, i will not mention any names.

it will all be done in the name of high frequency trading.

yes, we love oanda.

and, btw, when oanda says that it is working on something, dont hold your breath.

it is my prediction that oanda will soon be out of commission and bankrupt.

soon, meaning sometime in the next year or so.

and when they do go under, they are going to bucket shop their traders to death.

merry christmas.


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dodgesparks (dodgesparks)
Jan 22 2011 at 08:07
217 posts
while my automated trades are running, i will enjoy sitting around and playing a friendly game of sink the trader.

the goal of the game will be to wipe out financially the traders that are listed on the sink the traders list.

mark jackson
professor stumm
bruce margolese
missy mayy

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