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order execution comparison table... vote results

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order execution comparison table... Discussion

Jan 17 2013 at 06:33
227 posts
It's easy to control for geographic location; look at the execution speed for the fastest available VPS. This is the best reflection of the broker's actual execution speed, eliminating other confounding factors.

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jonnyrich007 (jonnyrich007)
Jan 17 2013 at 06:45
72 posts
That is the point. Useless to compile data of traders all over the world using various methods to trade. Either they are using dialup on their pc or on cross connected VPS located 5 yards away from their broker's servers. Also, if latency was of importance, wouldn't you just compare the ECN brokers & VPS providers who provide NY4 located servers? And brokers that has their servers in NY4 as well?

Never ever ever give up!!!
jonnyrich007 (jonnyrich007)
Jan 17 2013 at 06:51
72 posts
Or just bite the bullet, spend the money to use the top ECN broker & the best VPS service? If the broker is top notch, they will have their servers in NY4. And if VPS company is top notch, their servers will be NY4 as well. Beeksfxvps and their cross connect partner brokers is the best bet.

Never ever ever give up!!!
Jan 17 2013 at 07:40
227 posts
Getting the execution times of many different accounts after controlling for latency would be preferable if MyFxBook was able to measure and thus discount it, as this allows the most accurate picture of true execution speeds (discounting latency which has much more to do with server proximity and connection type than broker performance) over time.

Alternately, I would be happy with data reported from a couple of minimum latency VPN connections which effectively eliminates latency as a major factor; while this isn't as thorough and representative, it is certainly better than nothing.

The key thing is to measure and collate true execution times for comparison so as to better monitor overall broker quality, and it can be done, one way or another.

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Ramin_Rostami (Ramin_Rostami)
Jan 27 2014 at 10:47
253 posts
realy myfxbook need it
i am very agree with broker compare exection speed

Jan 31 2016 at 19:53
47 posts
it would be ready great if we have updated list
it would be good list for scapers for sure to choose best brokers based on low sipplage and fasest excution
We hope myfxbook has this updated list as well
if anyone has idea where I can I get it , please let us know

FxKing01 (FxKing01)
Feb 25 2016 at 11:29
42 posts
Most of MT4 brokers cheating with prices, slippage, order execution time etc.
If your system is sensitive to this you need to use better trading platforms than Metatrader.
I have been testing lot of MT4 brokers more than a year. Sucks.
cTrader/cAlgo, Ninjatrader much reliable and better for algo trading/scalping.

Apr 17 2017 at 07:33
1 posts
Must have list of brokers execution time!

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