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10 to 100 (By Sean )

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10 to 100 Discussion

Sean (Shr1k)
Feb 13 2010 at 02:06
11 posts
thats funny my love hate relationship with G/J bit me in the a$$ I also traded outside my plan. Greed is a funny thing🙄 I will stick with it next week, and the the next, and the next.....

Feb 13 2010 at 02:25
140 posts
This little competition we have here makes trading so much more fun.

Hope we have the steam to keep it going all year and the next.


Feb 13 2010 at 04:29
14 posts
Haha, hell yes it makes it more fun, every time I close a winning trade I quickly come back here too see how much more I gained and did I get any higher!!

All the best Sean!

Sean (Shr1k)
Feb 16 2010 at 21:05
11 posts
No Whammy No Whammy >>>>>>>>>>>> Whammy !!! 😂

I blew it up pretty good
This account is an attempt to see if my trade and money management ideas work and to push the limits of what I can pull from the market. I have convinced my self my idea works but the execution need some polishing. If anyone looked at my history close they would see a few trades that went very far against me before they came back. That is not a good way to trade. That is not part of the plan I am using. Clearly I didn't follow the plan every day.

So now I will continue with this account. I am still going to push this as hard as I can. I still want to make it to $100😄 I know I can. I want to know what I can expect for a likely draw down if I really stick to the plan.

So onward and upward happy trading

Purple> I will catch back up with you on the system page😉


Feb 17 2010 at 05:05
14 posts
Aww thats too bad, you were very close to your target you know.. this system actually forced me to take trades in market last week and be more active in trading so that I could beat your system.. I look forward to you challenging me again!! Respect!

Feb 17 2010 at 05:10
14 posts
And just to let you know I dont like getting any higher on systems page because someone else lost it, I like it getting higher when I win it.

Lee J Brown (LJBfinancial)
Jul 08 2010 at 08:22
7 posts
mmm Shr1k....sure i recognise that name from somewhere, the babypips forums perhaps? :p

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