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AlgoTradeSoft | Innovative EA | FXCM (By AlgoTradeSoft )

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AlgoTradeSoft | Innovative EA | FXCM Discussion

mwfx108 (mwfx)
Jan 22 2018 at 14:32
5 posts
FXCM is a bucket shop broker. I tested them for my EA and they give you a lot of unfavorable slippage, while charging you premium commissions. Worse than any 3rd class offshore broker.

FXCM treats commissions as withdrawals. So you can assume that most likely all withdrawals of this portfolio are commission payments.

There are better brokers, like Global Prime or ICMarkets, who also sponsor you a VPS if you trade >= 15 Lots / month and give you commission discount if you ask them.
Jan 24 2018 at 06:34
1 posts
i want to copy trades from you
Yosh (boyslav)
Jan 29 2018 at 07:54
10 posts
I see that AlgoTradeSoft EA mainly trades on 30m time frames. But if you look at systems like, they are set to 5m time frames. AlgoTaderSoft team how do we get the EA to trade on 5m time frames so it will make more trades? Is this something that can be done in the setting files? Thanks!
Yosh (boyslav)
Jan 29 2018 at 12:08
10 posts
VBF 2.57 EU M5 2008-2018 1% risk per trade
Feb 12 2018 at 08:19
3 posts

How can I use this robot?
AlgoTradeSoft (AlgoTradeSoft)
Feb 12 2018 at 10:07
23 posts

For more effective communication please write to [email protected]
Cut your losses short and let your profits run
Mar 05 2018 at 06:06
1 posts
malchish (malchish)
Mar 18 2018 at 06:23
2 posts
Hi. How can I get the set settings file of your EA?
Apr 23 2018 at 17:53
48 posts
Is fxcm charge commision? Because i am trading with them but they dont charge me any commission.
Although their spread is abit high.2-3 pips sometimes.
I am trading with fxcm uk
May 01 2018 at 06:22
1 posts
Please how can I get your EA
Yosh (boyslav)
May 13 2018 at 07:38
10 posts
You guys this EA doesn't work in real life I have tested with Oanda with VPS in the same building as the broker with the lowest latency in the industry (I mean my VPS was connected directly via fiber optic to Oanda's servers) and this EA still failed to make a profit. The account slowly but surly went into the RED.
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