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Ammy Scalper IC Markets (By ammyscalper )

The user has deleted this system.

Ammy Scalper IC Markets Discussion

Jul 01 2015 at 09:27
35 posts
Jul 02 2015 at 06:33
5 posts
Don't Be Scammed by Ammy Scalper. i waste my money 1499 USD buy the EA from and got scammed losing 1321 euro 1 days trading using their ea. be aware!!!.

Jul 07 2015 at 05:47
1 posts
My mentor asked me to post on this thread to warn you since this vendor blocks people trying to tell the truth from posting on this thread.

Lots of people know this vendor is a scammer.


Read this thread,1#?pt=2&p=11&ts=109&o=897614

If you go through the thread and see the accounts they have posted to prove this EA works the accounts go 'private' or get deleted very quickly.

Its a scam. Dont be fooled.

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