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Anna Forex Robot (By Anna Forex Robot )

Gain : -99.9%
Drawdown 99.99%
Pips: 83.2
Trades 272
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:1000
Trading: Automated

Anna Forex Robot Discussion

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
May 19 2016 at 00:34
89 posts
RedRhino posted:

My Name is Yellow Rhino

1.How Frequently you Update myfxbook ?
2. Max Positions per pair?
3. What is Strategy?

Happy Pips to All

:) we just corrected your Questions

Account Update Everyday Once
Normally 3 Positions Per Pair
Its Intraday Strategy .

Anna Forex Robot

May 19 2016 at 06:37
2 posts
AnnaForexRobot posted:
Heszi83 posted:
Hi, Anna!

I want buy this product, please add me an advice, i want to start 200 USD, wich account can i open in

please help me!


You can open RoboForex Standard Account with Leverage 1:1000 .

let me know if you need any other Help

Anna Forex Robot

Fix standard or Pro Standard, what is the differeent, what is the best for me?

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
May 19 2016 at 06:45
89 posts
Hi Heszi83

Pro Standard Account with Highest Leverage is More Suitable for Higher Profit Ratio .

Anna Forex Robot

May 19 2016 at 12:49
18 posts
hi sir , any EA for sell, thank

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
May 19 2016 at 13:01
89 posts
Hi DongDongyeah

You can subscribe our EA from our website

or Email us @

Anna Forex Robot

Walter Lea (walteremslie)
May 20 2016 at 07:49
96 posts
Jroarloud1 posted:
Actually this is not a scam at all. Yes they are using very high leverage and lot size in their account but that is their choice. If I were to subscribe with 1:50 Leverage and 10k USD account I would copy the system using about 10% of their current lot size and only two pairs not 4, this would still be very profitable. What I like about AnnaForex is they start the system at about 7:00 am, run with 2-3 pairs - quick in and outs with a reasonable TP.

This has to be the most sensible post i've heard in this forum.

Its not a scam..... Just reduce your risk and don't over leverage your account.

May 21 2016 at 06:25
60 posts
one bad day in with this system will cost you all your profits. It doesn't matter if you use less leverage...

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
May 21 2016 at 06:33
89 posts
Hi Gobias

EA can handle any kind of Market situation and make profit Even on Bad Days as well .

Anna Forex Robot

May 22 2016 at 06:25
1 posts
Hi Anna,

Can i try your EA in DEMO first before buying from you???
I need to try it (running demo in 1 month) because if success i will recommend your EA to my group (840 members)...and also to add you to group....

Pls consider it..

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
May 22 2016 at 06:47
89 posts
Hi Paktam

Please email us at

Anna Forex Robot

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