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Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 (By leo23)

Gain : +5.14M%
Drawdown 49.26%
Pips: 12202.3
Trades 10461
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 Discussion

Feb 01 2019 at 17:24
567 posts
In our system 'Final Holy Grail V.1.1' usually the trades are not hold over weekend, however, this week is an exception. Till now the floating loss is relatively high and hence, we want to update our fund management clients that the trades might continue to hold over weekend.

We don't want to manually close trades in loss and hence, we will allow the system to close the trades by itself with minimal loss. Since there is no guarantee on open market price on Monday and hence, actual final loss might be more or less than the current floating loss.

But there is nothing to worry since the system generates profits 99% of the days and hence, occasional losses of 1% of the days are possible and any such losses will be recovered in future.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 04 2019 at 18:05
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Following our previous post finally we had to close the trades in our live accounts with a minimal loss. We can't allow it to hit the equity protection in order to close everyday in profit. But the best part is that all the trades were closed by the algo itself without any manual intervention from us.

So those traders following our live accounts should understand this clearly that the system can produce a net loss occasionally in few days though it can produce profit almost 90% of the days. If it can give 10% profit in a day, then it can give -10% loss in a day as well which is common and can be recovered by the future profits.

In short, as long as the equity protection is not hit it will generate a monthly return % around double the equity protection % in medium risk set up.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 05 2019 at 22:32
2 posts
Hi Leo,

My equity in my most risk account went in one day form 993 to 623. That is big, do you think it can be recovered in a few days ?

Feb 06 2019 at 14:40
567 posts
Theo1 posted:
Hi Leo,

My equity in my most risk account went in one day form 993 to 623. That is big, do you think it can be recovered in a few days ?

Usually, the daily losses are recovered within few days except for equity protection hit, because the average daily loss is almost same as average daily profits during ideal markets the way we have been trading for last couple of weeks. So the loss of 2 to 3 days can be recovered with a profit of 5 to 8 trading days normally.

However, this week the actual drawdown has exceeded our expected and previously calculated drawdown and hence, we had to force close all trades manually and we have temporarily stopped trading in most of our clients accounts.

Since there is already a major loss occurred and hence, we didn't want to take more risk by adjusting the settings of our algo and continuing trading. Hence, for now we are just trading in our test live account with little conservative settings to reduce such scenarios in future.

If we will see everything to be okay in the test live account, then we will resume trading in all our clients accounts within next few days or may be 1 to 2 weeks.

For queries related to your specific account, please contact our support email and mention your account number.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 07 2019 at 16:25
567 posts
Following up with our previous updates, we want to update all who are following our systems that currently we are testing with a minor adjustment in our settings for our system 'Final Holy Grail' which is being run in our live accounts.

The main purpose of our system was to make it work 100% automated under all market conditions without any manual intervention from our end since the system is highly complicated by itself. That is the main reason why we named the system as 'Final Holy Grail' and it is not because it can't loose.

It is perfectly fine for us if it will loose few days of small loss while making consistent profit daily in 100% automated mode, however, this week we had to manually interfere with the trades and we force closed the trades at loss.

Hence, we have temporarily stopped trading in most of our clients live accounts when we are doing manual interference with the settings of the system. The settings are so fragile that even with a slightest modification of any of the parameters values can alter the trading results of the entire day or entire week. So we didn't want to risk the money of our fund management clients when there is already some major loss has happened. The losses can be easily recovered once the normal trading is resumed.

Today the results were almost break even without any profit or loss so far. We might start trading in some of our clients account by end of next week and remaining will be started after next week.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 08 2019 at 16:52
567 posts
Unfortunately, this week was closed with a net loss for our algo 'Final Holy Grail'. However, this is not the end.

This is just the beginning of the algo 'Final Holy Grail' and as we mentioned in our previous posts we will continue trading with it for ever even though there might be some ups and downs in the trading performance in few accounts sometimes.

Because this algo has a huge potential of making massive profits within a couple of months with minimum risk and maximum consistency in performance. Most importantly it is a never failing algo that is why we call it 'Final Holy Grail'. We will soon resume trading in most of our clients accounts and we may add more live accounts in future as well.

The algo is so much sophisticated that even a slightest change or discrepancy in anything can alter the trading results completely for an entire week, hence, we just did a minor change in settings and now we are just allowing the algo to run by itself and monitoring the trading results how everything goes by itself and testing the results in our small test live account.

Even during worst kind of markets and after few big loosing days, still the algo is producing small profits on a daily basis.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 12 2019 at 16:06
567 posts
We want to update all our fund management clients that we have resumed trading in some of the clients live accounts today. Remaining accounts will be resumed shortly after few days. Mainly we have resumed low risk and medium risk accounts and high risk accounts trading will be resumed later since we have done some changes in the trading style and hence, we need to monitor few more days before using it in high risk modes.

After the last major loss we are taking high precautions to avoid such scenarios in future. Though practically it is impossible to completely avoid such scenarios of large drawdowns, however, we can reduce the frequency of occurrence of such events in future.

Hence, now we have divided our accounts into 2 categories one of which will be for aggressive trading and one will be for conservative trading. These are run in two separate master mt4 accounts which are using for trade copying.

The aggressive trading style is almost the same except a few adjustments in settings to close the trades early with small loss when the algo finds scenario in which majority of trades get stuck. So it will try to close the trades with minimum loss to avoid big losses. Still it is risky, because it can give big profits as well as big losses sometimes and hence, we are using this set up only in small accounts like cent accounts or accounts with smaller balances of few hundred dollars.

For now the conservative set up is used in most of our fund management clients. The main difference is that the number of trades per day will be relatively less and trade will be more accurate. Hence, it will give a relatively less profit on daily basis as well as losses will be also small when there will be trades stuck during bad market conditions.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 14 2019 at 15:30
567 posts
Now we are almost done with our testing with our new settings. So most of our live accounts will be back and will start updating shortly within next few days or weeks.

Also, we have added one more live account for the conservative settings with name 'Final Holy Grail V.1.2'. This set up is more conservative and number of trades per day will be less. Simultaneously daily profits and losses might be less also.

Till now we are not updating our existing live accounts, because though there is no 100% guarantee about the future performance, however, we want to be 99% sure that such scenarios will not occur too often in near future before we fully make the results public and we want to ensure that we don't have to adjust anything in the algo anytime soon, otherwise, there is no point of using the name 'Final Holy Grail'.

Initially when we started our live accounts we didn't expect to do any changes in the settings for at least 6 to 8 months. Our main focus was to make sure that the equity protection not to be hit and in case, if it would have hit, then we just need to reduce the risk to half. We actually would not have to do any settings in the algo itself.

So our algo was totally biased to this goal as not to hit the equity protection which it did, but in return it repeatedly closed the old trades when the trades were stuck and now we have fixed the problem.

So now the algo settings for 'Final Holy Grail' has 3 advantages over previous settings:
1.It is very difficult to hit the equity protection now even under medium risk mode
2.The profits can be even much bigger on daily basis
3.In case if the trades get stuck in future, then unlike the previous settings it will not give losses for cosecutive days. Rather it might give some loss on one day or two days maximum and then, it will resume to normal trading

In terms of our fund management results, we want to inform that irrespective of whatever balance someone starts between few hundred USD to few thousand USD, if the algo will continue to run without hitting equity protection or giving big losses, then it can grow very rapidly within a couple of months upto 100K or 1M USD. But in case if big losses will happen or equity protection gets hit, then growth can be little slow, but it will not take more than 1 year.

For example, a 500 USD balance can turn in to a 500,000 USD balance within 6 months of trading period.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 15 2019 at 15:46
567 posts
This week was closed with average profits for our algo 'Final Holy Grail' in our live accounts. For now we are updating only the conservative version of the algo 'Final Holy Grail V.1.2'.

If everything goes as per expectation, then by end of next week we might start updating all our existing live accounts and also, more live accounts might be added to our profile. Also, we may start few more high risk accounts.

The key advantages of this algo 'Final Holy Grail' are as follows:
1.It places at least 20 to 50 trades per day depending on settings. So it is not about just getting lucky in one or two trades per day and it can tackle any kind of markets and trade all the times and makes profit aggressively depending on risk used. That's why we call it as 'Final Holy Grail'.
2.Also, it places trades 24/5 and hence, it is not susceptible to trading hours or market conditions to be afraid of blowing out the account upon failure and in case, such a scenario happens, then it uses an equity protection level for force close of trades.
3.It can trade very well in any kind of fundamental news events and hence, nothing to fear.
4.It uses very low risk % per pip and targets large amounts of pips per day and hence, again it is not about getting lucky and targeting few pips per day. Hence, profit % grows exponentially and cumulatively if markets are volatile.
5.It doesn't try to close everyday to make profit everyday and it is fine to accept small losses in few days and makes highest profit in few days.
5.Finally, the most important thing is that irrespective of slight ups and downs in few days of trading if it will be used continuously for a couple of months, then it can make very large profits starting with a small account balance.

The only one disadvantage which we noticed so far was that it used to get stuck sometimes during very low liquid and low volatile markets and we have already applied sufficient methods to tackle such scenarios to minimise the losses during those times and probably it will be almost ready by end of next week.

Artificial General Intelligence
Feb 17 2019 at 10:39
567 posts
We have decided to continue with the conservative version of our algo named 'Final Holy Grail V.1.2' and hence, we have stopped our previous aggressive version of algo 'Final Holy Grail V.1.1' due to high risk involved. It is not suitable for large account balances. So we may continue to test it in small accounts.

Also, for now all our fund management clients accounts have been using the trades from 'Final Holy Grail V.1.2'. So if everything goes well, then this will continue to update and within few days or weeks we might start updating our remaining live accounts.

Artificial General Intelligence
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