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Canal 2017 (By artelorex)

Gain : +61.61%
Drawdown 9.15%
Pips: 1717.3
Trades 77
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Manual

Canal 2017 Discussion

artelorex (artelorex)
Jun 27 2017 at 06:23
21 posts
ZKFXtrader posted:
artelorex posted:
danas76 posted:

My favorite is the canal 2017, timeframe m5-m15 and pairs eurusd, gbpusd

You are totally right. I am thinking to look for someone who can help me to make to convert the indicator to EA because it is potential and I don't need to stay all day with the PC. Next week I will look for someone to help me with this issue, if you know someone who can help me let me know. Thanks

Let us know how successful you are converting Canal 2017 to an EA.

Ziya, few people wrote me about converting the indicator to EA. Within this or next week I think I will have it clear and will think how I want the convert to good ea.

ZKFXtrader (ZKFXtrader)
Jun 27 2017 at 16:31
238 posts
Thanks, will wait for your update.

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