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Comfort Zone System (By Zupergainforex )

The user has deleted this system.

Comfort Zone System Discussion

Jan 10 2020 at 08:48
40 posts
mysignalforall posted:
How much?

I am not selling EA, this system will available soon on signalstart, right now it can be follow by personal account managing only.

Further questions may contact my telegram @Zupergainforex


Jan 13 2020 at 00:16
40 posts
Draw Down is the most unwanted but unevitable part of trading, unable to control the DD will caused so many traders loss their account because of market move against their trading positions.
That is why it is very important to setup our maximum DD target at the first on our trading plan.
Acceptable maximum DD will depends on every traders willing to risk on their trading, some want low, some want medium, some want high risk 100% DD (mostly them who gambling the market without planning).
For my system, i setup medium risk 40% DD as maximum DD as i believe this risk is reasonable and acceptable to gain high profit too.

Want to lowering risk while copying my system is also easy, using copy software will make controlling DD as you want become easy. I saw many investors lost their money because they forgot to setup their maximum DD for themsleves and let their trader handle the DD without knowing their trader having DD setup or not.
It is time to change the way you invest, it is your money, so it is time to control and setup your own maximum DD target

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