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DiverScalpingEA SF (By ea_epiphysis)

Gain : +130626.78%
Drawdown 100.00%
Pips: 35509.6
Trades 1868
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

DiverScalpingEA SF Discussion

Jun 03 2018 at 06:01
2 posts
I like the detailed description and the video. Monitoring history is open. Reading bad reviews here, I do not see these works of this EA

Jun 08 2018 at 07:53
5 posts
Nice trading

Any discount?

Jul 04 2018 at 06:49
3 posts
MicF posted:
Looks manipulated.
Exactly 23.3 pips so often with different pairs?
Trade privileges not proven?

How can you manipulate?
Do you have a link to the source or a detailed file?

Jul 15 2018 at 06:24
5 posts
Anybody here having this expert ready to share 5 digit settings?

Jul 15 2018 at 09:58
8 posts
This system looks very good. is it easy to set up and run?

Jul 16 2018 at 05:49
5 posts
PlatoAlgo posted:
This system looks very good. is it easy to set up and run?

I bought this experts few days ago. Sent messages to get support without any reply.
I do not think settings he gave fit with live results he have. As example we see single trades on report while settings trading multiple positions. Also it look that he have fix some SL and TP arround 20SL and 25TP on max 1 position but here again the default setting he provide do not fit.
It's hard to backtest and try to play with settings. When I try to use TDS (Tick Data Suite) to perform backtest it doesn't work for reasons that I actually try to understand as the indicator doesn't load like if I use broker default history. All I have is about 80% modeling quality. The instructions in Word file are way too short. The video provided are not acurate because he's not showing the actual version and setting in video are very different. This guy his amateur and you rely on yourself to find proper settings. The default 0.5 percent risk do not work as is. I have to put it at 0 or 1 to run backtest.
I think that the basic idea of this expert make some senses and can be profitable if you can figure the proper settings.
But do not count in him to give you the right settings that he probably keep secret. Or the expert that producing results he have are completely different EA.
If anyone here want to share settings or discuss about it please PM me. I have sent website link to Forex Peace Army to investigate that EA and developper.
It's not like if he would sell it 49$. It's more like 700$.
I just wish he comming here and start reply instead of creating fake myfxbook profiles that say that averything is find and profitable to boost he's sales.

Jul 18 2018 at 12:36
1 posts

i would like copy the signal for test in demo 1 month before the reel signal if it is possible ?

Thank you


Jul 25 2018 at 07:08
254 posts
Look interchange name from his other profile. and selling crownPrinceFx EA

First he was selling BELLMA EA,then GDOW EA,then EAST WEST EA and now CROWNPRINCE FX EA

First, thing vendor is not honest he is using the fake profile to post the positive comment and profile deleted within a few days. One other thing vendor never commented in his thread about it and he blocks the user that posting any negative comment.

 Following site & profile belong to the same person and selling same fake EA by using stats of other profile.

You will notice that EA he is they are all the same but using the different name only.


The market will trade through it’s path of least resistance .
Jul 25 2018 at 07:11
5 posts
I have received email from developper to buy source code MQ4 files.
After no reply to my questions in addition to that he's thiking that I'm crazy enough to buy he's code for 400$ or 700$ more.

He as change the main indicator few times...

I like the money management concept I must admit but without the right main indicator it's useless.

I did at least 10,000 backtest, developping many systems myself and I would like to help keep developpng this one but I will not pay to get source MQ4 files... Hey mister EA_EPIPHYSIS let me make of your expert concept a real expert from the best MQL4 programmers in the world, fix those many bugs that you have and bring it to next level...

Send me your files... Maybe there is potential.

And stop steel people's money like you steel mine and publish false reports.

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