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EAFX-iq250plus NEW (By EAFX )

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EAFX-iq250plus NEW Discussion

Jan 15 2015 at 21:30
5 posts
VlasovTrend posted:
Samos posted:
We are not alone, look here:

Fun, as I understand, are you a competitor of broker or copy-paster that work on some of competitors ?
I'll explain why do I think so:
At first: You are posting on different resources the same text using different usernames: Samo, Samos, trader etc.
Second: If you are really was scammed by EAFX so long time ago, then why have you posted about it only now? So much time ago!
And third: You provided your password to someone? If yes, then sorry, but "Where was your brain?!😲"

Funny, but you don`t understand. I am not a broker competitor, and I am not posting for competitors. And what are you? Gainsy employee?, Russian spy?, FBI agent?, Qeen Elizabeths son?
I`ll explain:
At first: I am posting on different resources using different usernames. So what? It would be stange posting only on one place!
Second: yes, I was scammed almost a year ago. For months I did not talk because I was not sure what was going on; but now I am. And I am not the only one who was scammed.
And third: I provided my password to EAFX. Yes, it is true. And this is fact upon which you are building your conviction that I am a broker competitor? Where is your brain right now?

Vlasov, you are attacking a person (me) who was scammed big time. I did not hurt anybody. I am not looking for compassion, but it makes me angry seeing posts like yours.
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