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EUR-FOREX Managed (By eurforex )

Gain : +723.89%
Drawdown 42.06%
Pips: 8569.1
Trades 1292
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

EUR-FOREX Managed Discussion

Dec 09 2011 at 16:53
1008 posts
Hey Nick,

I did see the words ' Pip Markup' but I wasn't sure what broker that applied to. I saw the hotforex pamm and it's performance based I believe. I'm sure you're quite aware of by now, to avoid any managed account with a pip markup for the reason you mentioned above. What broker is your managed account at?

Dec 09 2011 at 17:51
44 posts
will, yes the markup with fxcc was like 1.5 pips or so.

so today i threw in the towel as well, mainly due to performance non matching. i started on 11-11 and they show plus 2.7% while i am showing a 10% loss, thats it for me.

so i am sure there is some slippage plus the markup in spread giving me the poor result.

assuming they do like 30% which i cannot imagine seeing the piss poor trade entries during the course of being with them, the customer might get 17.3% minus performance fee, its not worth it.

gee my bots did much better then this during that time.

i also feel like these trades were not executed by human hand, i seen entries at the high of the day going by atr for 50 days going in direction of the high, and it sure reversed only a few minutes later.

anyway its a lesson learned, i will lick my wounds, no biggie lost more then that in forex, time to move on.

best o luck to all.......................

Dec 09 2011 at 18:07
20 posts
Dec 09 2011 at 18:29
36 posts

this time, I've closed it. No doubt that fuchiuliu will be happy that I will not complain again, ha ha !

As he said, I take my responsabilities and now that I'm at the level I choose, I give up !

Reinherh, I completely agree with you. The way they act sometimes seems to be random, buying at high prices, loosing, then selling, just when a rebound is likely.

At the end, there is 2 things I don't like :

- the data they uses to show their results are on a demo, and the reality is quite different (a part of the spread is for them) : when they where + 4,45%, I was -10 %.

- the way they do their trades, as explained above.

And it's not a question of being a 'low level or broke investor' as said by fuchiuliu. I decided to invest a little amount to see how they perform, willing to invest much more if they were good. Fortunately (yes i say fortunately), November prooved that it was not the kind of behavior that suits me, and then will not invest 20.000 or 40.000 € with them, taking a risk that I don't want to take this way. Now I have the answer I wanted, and I say Goodbye.

That's all fuchiuliu... (you can continue to loose the money you want if you have so much money that you can't afford to loose,good think for you, but don't tell me that I'm an idiot.)

Regards to all.

Dec 09 2011 at 18:32
36 posts
FXbird is right. It's quite the same graphic for me (I also loose 184 $ on a 1032$ investment on the 1st of November !)

Dec 09 2011 at 18:38
44 posts

   Macgyver75 posted:
   FXbird is right. It's quite the same graphic for me (I also loose 184 $ on a 1032$ investment on the 1st of November !)

hey at least we all match,

now if only the graph would have gone the other way we would have had a nice xmas :)

Dec 09 2011 at 18:50
20 posts
Hey there, I thought my stop would be at -30%. But if there'll have at least 4 people among 6 people (or 2:1) voted or suggested withdraw the account within seven days I might be just do it before I loose 30%.

Dec 09 2011 at 18:58
36 posts
I dit it today at 16.00, and Nickwake also did (if I'm not miktaking).

Dec 09 2011 at 19:06
44 posts
btw, i will not close my account with fxcc, they seem to be top notch and have decent spreads now = 1.6 on eu

my bots shall recover that account plus some :)

Dec 09 2011 at 19:10
20 posts
My paper money account which bought APPL and /NQ few hours ago just 'earned' around $170 each... maybe I better go back to trading futures? 😁

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