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EUR-FOREX Managed (By eurforex)

Gain : +723.89%
Drawdown 42.06%
Pips: 8569.1
Trades 1292
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

EUR-FOREX Managed Discussion

Dec 02 2011 at 09:46
23 posts
November - Started with $1009 ended on $956.93 I make that a 5.17% loss - Different to you Macgyver as I joined on Oct 31st and the 31st - around 2nd were really good and very much in line with their previous results and then it went poor with 1 winning week from 4 which is about the reverse of the previous months with only that one week being in line with the longer term 80%+ winning average which is what is needed when the average loss is 3x or more than of the average win.

Eur Forex - is it fair to clients new and prospective that your demo account that you use as a marketing tool on your website shows results that clients will not get? A small but respectable gain of 4.45% for most that is actually the mirror opposite in reality for client accounts?

A lot more pips have been lost compared to the demo on many trades than you've stated in previous posts (1-2 stated before) : In the last few trades on the MyFx account we have: 34, 36.5 and 13 pips gained. My results are 26.9, 29 and 11.8 respectively. Only the 11.8-13 is within the sort of range you say is lost per trade (1-2) the others are way off.

Looking at my FXCC investor account I can see that the bid-ask EU spread is +/- c.3 pips - EU is normally way less than that, 1.5 with most (looking at my Thinkforex MT4 account alongside the FXCC MT4 confirms that)

On the FXCC spreads page, they say they use a multiple provider ECN feed that picks the best rates realtime, gives 1.5 pips as the example round trip spread, so what is going on?

Back at the start of November you said judge us on the month not a few trades. What do you say now?

Dec 02 2011 at 13:32
23 posts
Hi Nick,
Yes, we have taken your points onboard. We will modify our results/performance pages over weekend to demonstrate performance across live accounts in all 3 brokers, this will increase transparency hugely. It will also demonstrate clearly with whom the best execution lays.

Dec 02 2011 at 14:31
3 posts
I have a live account opened at the end of the month with $2,254.Lost $140 IN 2 DAYS.
Do forex monitor the trades?.
On my platform 2 trades opened on 30th at 15:18 and ran for 30 hours.
At between 15:00 -16:00 on the first of dec they went to a combined $69.00 profit.
The trades were closed at 20:52 that night at a combined profit of $27.95,a big difference.

Dec 02 2011 at 22:48
71 posts
I am not satisfied with the way it develops. Eur-forex I am going to withdraw my funds

Dec 02 2011 at 22:51
36 posts
sRight, it's exactly what I observed sometimes ago, 1 or 2 weeks after I open my account (about November the 10th) when I asked if they were using an EA : I was able to see 2 trades at night with a big profit and when I went back later within the day, the trades were closed with substantial losses. (not even a trailing stop !???)

I'm now back to the worst result I had on my account since I opened it (back to 890 $ from 1030 $).
-115 $ in 3 days ==> -12 % in 3 days. (-13,5 % since the 1st of November)

I think, bwian, you will certainly have some more surprise (today for instance !). Is this system so strong that we expected ?

As someone says before, it's not a disaster, as I had lost much more money in the forex, but it's only that this system seemed so good that my desire was to invest much more money, 10 000 or 20 000 $, perhaps more, and that now I think it may not be a so good opportunity.

I will wait one or to weeks to see if it can go back one more time as they did a week ago (all this stuff ruined in 3 days ... arrrgh !), and I will tke a decision.

WIll they also trade on the december holidays ? I'm afraid...

But I also understand that a part of the spread is for EUR-FOREX. They make money even if we are loosing...

So we will stiiiiilllllll wait...

great regards

Dec 02 2011 at 22:56
36 posts
Yes drago, it's the way we will probably go... 😭
i don't want to critic too much, I will wait a bit, but ... i'm not quite satisfied myself... mmm 😂

Dec 02 2011 at 23:10
36 posts
One more observation :

14 November : 265 %
2 December : 296,3 % for eur-forex (fxbook chart).

that's a + 12 % for them

when for me :
14 November 890 $
2 December : 890 $ that means 0 % for me (and - 13 % from the beginning)

Quite a big difference also !

The trades are the same on the report, but as said Nickwake, the number of pips are quite different, giving a much better result for them...


Dec 02 2011 at 23:19
36 posts
and what means Nickwake is what is written here at FXCC website :

'Please note, if your relationship with FXCC was developed via an Introducing Broker, the IB may add an additional fee onto these charges.'

Dec 03 2011 at 10:29
23 posts
Seriously dreadful, my account now sub $900. Yesterday was like watching 5 years olds chase a a went up so trades closed and buys entered just in time for it to reverse and go down again losing pips all over the place (entering right at the top or bottom of the SR ranges)...and of course it was NFP day which the vast majority of canny traders don't trade at least until after the announcement.

In terms of spread differences, this from the Eur fx website -
*PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SPREAD IN FXCC WILL BE MARKED UP, BUT WILL INCLUDE TRADING COMMISSION. CLIENTS WILL NOT PAY COMMISSION ON TRADES IN FXCC' Am I reading this right in that it says the spreads will be marked up to include commission but trades do NOT include commission...same difference isn't it?

I had hoped Eur Forex were different after all they apparently employ 'the best Eur-USD traders in Europe' and set them selves apart with their deep understanding of how currency pairs interact globally. Current result are throwing doubt on this.

We were 'told off' in early November for over anlaysing trades at the micro level and should only judge monthly, that's been and gone now and the judgement is not good. A little longer for me now on the off chance it will improve with a stop and out at 800.

Dec 07 2011 at 13:29
36 posts
prepare to a new loss today !
2 buy trades at the higher limit of the trend..... 🙄

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